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120 Day Dairy-Free Challenge

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This blog post is my worst nightmare, considering I’m a cheese-aholic & basically could eat butter plain! Like the level at which I love cheese & dairy is insane… whether it be cheddar, provolone, mozzarella, garlic butter (for crab legs)… I’m actually getting anxious typing….The struggle is real, my sentences aren’t even making sense.  But for ya’ll, I will pull myself together.

I will be participating in the 120 Day Dairy-Free Challenge because I love my Cheekies! It is a sacrifice I’m willing to take due to the fact that dairy is known to cause certain skin issues & by my experiment I can help those struggling! The good old gut contributes to 70% of our immune system and when it’s compromised, a whole host of symptoms can present themselves, including acne, skin rashes and even sinus problems,  says skincare doctor Terry Loong. Why 120 days you ask? Because the average life of skin cells is about 120 days, so I should be seeing significant improvements in my skin tone and any breakouts I suffer from within that time period. And from my research, folks saw an improved complexion in just 7 days – that’s pretty rad!

Do we know why dairy tends to give us acne and other skin related issues? We certainly do! Most of the cows used in farming are actually PREGNANT cows (holy cow, who knew!? OMG such a great pun).  The hormones such as progesterone and insulin make their way into the dairy products that they produce.  When we consume these products, it leads to increased levels of inflammation, skin breakdown, aging, dark spots and acne. Saturated fat (which is high in many dairy products) can also cause types of acne, specifically cystic hormonal acne. To make myself feel better about my cheese addiction, I did see that Americans eat 36 pounds of cheese, 24 pounds of frozen dairy products and 200 pounds of milk and cream (according to the USDA) a year. Yikes, that’s a whole bunch of cheese.  Glad I’m not the only one.

So while on this journey, I will be sure to document my successes and tears while I’m watching someone else eating queso dip from across the table (& yes I’m being serious, I live near Mexico for God’s sake). If you care to join Cheeky Complexion in this most insane challenge yet, we would highly recommend you find your calcium sources in other foods & supplements and do your research – this is not for everyone.  I do not eat meat (unless someone has a slice of bacon at breakfast and then I’m done or if my friend Dawn is making her famous meatballs, but anyways) for stomach concerns so cheese is most certainly my go-to food. Foods that are high in calcium include: sardines (which who the hell would eat, eww, unless it’s in a Caesar salad then I don’t discriminate), almond milk, tofu, soybeans, nuts & dark leafy greens. Oh boy, I guess I’m gonna be like the millennials who are into kale.. heaven help me.

Full disclosure – We have friends coming to Tucson for Thanksgiving, and we’re having crab legs & steak (friend tradition) so I will be eating butter at that time – just a heads-up! Don’t want to get caught in a lie 😉

And full, full disclosure – I’m actually lactose intolerant (diagnosed at an early age) so this will totally help with all the bloating and not so wonderful side effects I get from eating cheese. So really for me, this is a wonderful life-style change that I’m excited to be on. I’ve honestly have never been able to give up dairy (as an adult, it’s so hard to avoid dairy) so it’ll be nice to be off meat and dairy – hope I’m feeling like my old self again. I hear I get more energy too while being on a dairy-free diet.

Other than that, we’re in it for the long haul and hope you are too! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook using the hashtag #120DayDairyFreeChallenge for a host of updates!

P.S. ‘Soy’ in Spanish translates to ‘I am’ in English- hence the hilarious meme!

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