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5 habits that age you

5 Everyday Habits That Age You

We do things every single day, whether we think about it or not that age us…. Sure, we forget to put on our SPF some mornings or we just really want to get our faces tan for an upcoming big event…. Whatever the case may be, there are just times where you are careless when it comes to your skin.  There are however things we CAN avoid that many of us are doing on a daily basis that age the crap out of us:

Squinting at the computer – you gotta deal with the fact that you may need glasses.  If you’re squinting to see, those wrinkles near your eyes are going to start getting comfortable in that position and they will no longer disappear when you un-squint those beauties. I love Channel & RayBan’s glasses options!

Chewing gum – for frequent chewers, chomping on gum is definitely not the best thing to do (for a variety of reasons, the sound makes me want to slap people).  Chewing gum causes you to move your mouth into different shapes, thus resulting in a downward turn in the corners of the mouth and even a pronounced muscle at the bottom of the jawline (board-certified fella at Lovelyskin.com told us that)- doesn’t sound pretty! Stick to mints!

Sleeping on your stomach – if you sleep on your stomach, you’re constantly pushing that pretty little face of yours against the pillow, resulting in permanent wrinkles over time.  Try sleeping on your back or consider trying a copper or silk pillowcase – these will help avoid the wrinkles.

You’re a sugar whore – sugar just isn’t good for you.  Ingesting lots of sugar results in damaged collagen and elastin – the stuff that keeps your skin taught and firm. Try sugar-free candy to chew on!

You’re a sun worshiper – I cringe when I see people with sunburned faces – like makes me feel physically ill.  There is no excuse for you to be getting sunburns. Invest in a hat with sun protection and wear sunscreen! (read this blog to learn more)

What is something you do that you know ages you but you do it anyways? Let us help you find some ways to deal with those vices!

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