Ever since I was a child, I loved to make people feel and look beautiful.

A DIY Facial, at Home!

My bestie Dawn came in town a couple weeks ago from good old Trampa, or Tampa as it’s better known as 😉 And because she came all this way with so much love and joy, I thought nothing could be better than fancy facials at a nearby swanky hotel! YASSS! Nothing is better than pampering and being fancy (& that doesn’t always mean expensive in my head). I used to apologize for loving to be fancy or partaking in ‘self-love’ treatments because you often get labeled a certain way. But with age, comes beauty AND becoming wiser (or as I often get too, a wise ass), so now I’m all too excited to tell the next person I see some facial cream, cleanser, treatment, trick I’ve learned, whatever without shaming myself for it. And while I still absolutely 100% get shamed for it (it’s really weird, it happens more so than not), I think making yourself feel and look better is a beautiful thing!

HOWEVER, fancy can’t ALWAYS be on my to-do list, because you know, budgets, but self-love shouldn’t have to stop because of what’s in my wallet. And that goes for all you Cheeky’s too. Self-love can take any size, shape, form, whatever! As my poobear just explained to me, that’s on the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s the top of the triangle that you need and want to get to.

So to be more like Maslow, cause who doesn’t!? We thought better way then to help you get your self-love needs met than by going over the ways in which you can give a facial at home! Best day ever!

I suggest first, to set the mood! I like to turn on calming music, either by way of the ‘Spa Channel’ on Pandora or asking Alexa to give me some relaxing music. Then I hope into the bathtub with a shit ton of bath salts, a glorified ton of bubbles and soak! But let’s get real… I can only do that for like 10 minutes, but none the less, my pores are ‘opened’ and my skin is nice, dewey and soft. I usually have a robe on call so I can be extra chic! OMG, we got those fancy hotel robes during our honeymoon and those things make everything better! I usually pour myself a glass of red wine or if you ain’t a wine drinker or drinker at all, heat up some tea and enjoy!

Now to go the good stuffffff!

Gentle Scrub

You wanna prep your skin! Get all that dead skin, gunk, yada yada off your beautiful face. Take an enzyme peel or a light, gentle scrub and take it away. Lightly get your blood flowing and brighten up your face.

Steam Away

So I’ve always wanted to get a steamer, but steam isn’t always good for melasma, so I tend to shy away from it – cause I feel like I’d use it obsessively! But If you don’t have a good old steamer at home, then you can use water and a towel. Just run a clean washcloth under really, really hot water, wring it out (be careful), and place it over your face. Let the cloth sit for a few moments. The enzymes and steam will work together to really ‘open’ up those pores even more.

Consider a Mask

Here is when you wanna consider using a clay mask to pull all the impurities out of your skin. Whatever your mask of choice, leave it on as instructed & then follow-up with another steam session! It’ll get you all nice and clean & even shiny! You’ll be a sparkling beauty.


I just got an awesome mask today at Sephora… like need to stay off the internet, and this, the Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask would be a perfect one to use to add the hydration back into your skin. Add a little pep to your step!

Roll away

Before wiping off all the goodness from your mask or sheet mask, I usually take my jade roller and roll all the stress away. I have a backup in my purse too – mildly in love. Just roll upwards and gently! You often will get a light pink glow to your face and that’s all your blood coming to the surface for a glowing complexion.

Wipe It All Off

Now is the time to wipe off all the face mask goodness! I would consider doing the water and towel trick again to get a great steam clean (Stanley Steam does…. I won’t sing it all). Or you can just take off the goodness using warm water. Then I recommend PATTING your moisturizer. Patting literally has CHANGED my skin, maybe my life, okay dramatic. I cannot even tell you how it’s improved. I don’t wake up puffy – like at all – I notice that all my products are REALLY sinking in, SLOWLY! It’s not just this fast rub into the skin anymore. It’s more of a settling effect. It feels a little different at first, but now our household pats – Poobear even bragged that he does patting with his aftershave 😉 He’s trending!

Stay Away from Extractions

I tend to ask facialists not to extract anything other than very evident black heads around my chin, forehead and nose. I’ve had facials before where they kind of ‘force’ out a zit that’s not ready and then it becomes an even bigger thing. The last facial, I just asked her to target my blackheads & she said I didn’t have many! YASS! But I usually do, don’t you worry.

And you’re all set! It’s easy! It doesn’t have to be an insane lengthy process, but it’s good to just give yourself time to show your skin some love, but also actually do really great things for yourself. Do it when you’ve got a night alone or when the family is preoccupied. I would ask you a favor though before I sign out… Take care of yourself! Do what makes YOU happy!

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