Ever since I was a child, I loved to make people feel and look beautiful.

About Us

Mission Statement

We want to welcome you to Cheeky Complexion! (hey girl hey, come on in, what’s up dude, sup)

Are you here to help beautify the aging process? If you answered ‘yes’, either out loud in your most excited voice (yeah!) or quietly to yourself with a big smile, then this is the place for you. We’ve created a trusted place for women and men alike to come and experience aging together. We know it’s bound to happen (I got a new wrinkle just thinking about it, but that’s just me) & no two people age alike. You may be thinking that you’re not ready to age, ever, like at all (me, me, me!), or that your lines and wrinkles are a sign of wisdom (because you are getting wiser, you know) – whatever stage you’re at, we invite you to play along! Share and exchange your ideas of what aging means to you and how it is we can do it gracefully, together – as one human race!

Oh and stereotypes for men and women don’t exist here…. We know that not all women like the color pink and that not all men are macho! And same goes for skin care! #BreakTheRules #ByeStereotypes

Cheeky Complexion Founder

Colleen, aka Colls or Beanie (whatever you prefer)

Happy! Happy is often used to describe Colleen, creator and founder! Most of the time this chick has a smile on her face but then realizes that if she smiles too much, wrinkles will start forming like crazy, but she keeps on smiling as much as her Juvaderm allows (that’s a type of filler, we’ll go over it)! She was that annoying girl in high school who would sing in the halls and make you go crazy all before the first bell.  But beneath all that happiness, there was this dire need to make OTHER people smile! Colleen’s jokes were starting to get old, her singing voice wasn’t like it once was (if it ever was) & though people continued to be happy around her, she needed more material, stat!

Ever since Colleen was a child, beauty was her thing! It wasn’t that she was in fact beautiful because those caterpillar eyebrows weren’t everyone’s cup of tea.  She loved the idea of beauty & all that it encompasses. As she got older, she was finding that her friends were asking her for skincare & beauty advice – ‘Sooo this zit that I’ve named Mt. St. Helen is not erupting, what can I do’… or, ‘why does my beard keep causing ingrown hairs that hurt like a b*&^%!? Colleen started to realize THIS is how she can make people happy!  She can make them feel PRETTY. She is here to help you feel happier – just ignore her bad jokes or corny lines here and there – she’s still perfecting her routine!

She hopes to one day soon open up her own Botox and filler studio to help men and women feel their best.

Mankind Representative

That’s Eric or E – he answers to both! He’s Colleen’s brother! He was kind enough to support his sister in this endeavor.  He’s the smart, funny and good looking member of the family – come to think of it, he probably got it from his parents. He will say he isn’t up to modeling outside of a favor for his little sis, but we think he’s got the face – contact us for serious inquiries only (he will kill us if he reads this part but oh well). Eric has always taken great care of his skin & his Italian heritage doesn’t hurt! Plus he married a beautiful Italian woman who makes him glow too!


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