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The Best Way to Pop A Blemish

We’ve got a Cheeky here who has some new hormonal acne pop up and while we have her on the straight and narrow & we’re seeing improvements, I thought what better time than to gather us Cheeky’s together and make sure we’re popping any blemishes the right way – if indeed it’s a ‘good’ one to pop!

I’ve struggled in the past with hormonal acne when I got off my birth control – just didn’t want to rely on it forever! I’ll never forget when my gynecologist said, ‘Well now you won’t have to be in touch with me that often, but you’ll be seeing a dermatologist soon’. I thought, ‘Hell to the no, I won’t! I’ve had very little acne growing up and I thought why would it start now…. boy was I wrong! Hormonal acne popped up everywhere, I’m talking lower neck and it was angry! So after I worked on a regime and saw great success, I was still disappointed with the ‘flare ups’ that would appear during menstrual time. So I eventually went to the dermatologist and got on Aczone, which I love! However, I still get the occasional blemish, mainly on my nose now a days and it’s always in the back of my mind to make sure I ‘pop’ it the ‘best’ way possible when it’s time.

And that my Cheeky’s brings us to our topic! Let’s go through the steps on how to pop the actual blemish and do it with grace! And most importantly, with as little scarring as possible!

There are 4 easy steps to follow – 

  • Know when to pop the right one
  • Cleanliness is key
  • Use the correct tools
  • Know when to stop – this is my downfall!

Know when to pop the right one – 

So this is often where I went wrong with my insane hormonal neck and chin area acne! I would often think that a big old honker would be the perfect one to get! It’s actually the one you want to leave alone. If you’re seeing one that is big & deep, it’s time to leave it alone. Leaving any blemish alone is probably the best practice, but there are just those boogers who look so satisfyingly perfect to pop & that’s okay too! If you’ve got a deep, cyst like zit it’s best to leave it alone and spot treat it! Let it do its thing and it’ll be gone before you know it! I try to use the best rule of thumb in that I must see an actual white head before I start ‘surgery’. If I don’t, or never see it, I leave it be. And I would encourage you Cheeky’s to do the same!

Cleanliness is key – 

So I’m rather ‘aggressive’ in general when it comes to my skin, so I’m the gal who has the sterile needle on hand when it’s time to pop a blemish. However, it’s more than just about the actual instrument being clean… it’s about the area on your face too! It’s important that you wash your face and don’t apply any products when you’re ‘performing surgery’ on the blemish. Make sure your hands are clean too because your pores can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. And heck, if you’re really diligent, you can even consider an alcohol cleansing wipe to really sanitize the spot.

Use the correct tools – 

So like I said before, I’m a clean needle type of gal! However, before you dive in, it’s often easiest to rely on a warm washcloth to soften the blemish and make it easiest to work on. If needles ain’t your thang, you can consider a no-slip skin care tool that will help you in your quest! I would definitely recommend this instrument as most dermatologists rely on it themselves. It’s also very effective in removing blackheads which seem to pop up more so than not, so it’s a win-win! If you’re a little hesitant on the whole tool thing, then it’s best to leave blemish popping using instruments up to the pro’s! Whatever you feel comfortable with and know when to stop.

Bringing me to my next point….

Know when to stop

This is and has been my forever downfall! I mean once I get into surgery, it’s like a fire has to breakout for me to quit. I’ve gotten SO MUCH better, but I still cave here and there. If you are in surgery mode, it’s best to gently attack the zit equally from both sides and squeeze gently! I find that using a tissue or toilet paper is often most effective because it keeps your nails from digging in your skin and sliding around causing more damage than not.

If you’re seeing the white head pop out and it starts to bleed, it’s time to stop! Seeing blood often results in great scarring, so be on the lookout for that. If you’re experiencing clear fluid, you’re actually popping it too early in most cases. It’s called an inflammatory lesion and you could be making it worse. If the area is super red after you’ve performed surgery consider applying a small amount of hydrocortisone ointment or a benzoyl peroxide product like Neutrogena Rapid Clear spot gel. Benzoyl peroxide has has antibacterial properties & is best known for helping lessen the inflammation.

Hopefully this quick guide will help you when in surgery & you’ll come out looking like a beautiful swan! Let me know your best tips and tricks when it comes to popping a blemish!

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