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Bride or Groom-to-Be Skincare Tips

This Royal wedding got me SHOOK! Meghan Markle will be an absolutely stunning bride & I just pray she won’t let the stress of her dramatic family get in the way of looking and feeling beautiful. Whew, who wants to deal with that crap!? Anyways…. I could NOT be more excited for Harry & Meghan to say ‘I do’. I didn’t wake up super early for Kate & William, but I definitely watched the whole event re-run and just thought how magical it was. Are any of you Cheeky’s super fans? I’ve probably read every book about Kate & William and look so forward to reading about Harry & Meghan in the months and years to come.

But anyways, the whole royal wedding bit has me thinking about bride & groom skincare tips, tricks and techniques. It’s a VERY special day in your life & of course you want to look your absolute best. I’m not a huge wedding person, though I totally appreciate whatever you Cheeky’s do and love. We kept it simple, I wore a black dress and we went out to dinner after. If I had to do it all over again, I would stick to the same bit, but one thing I envy about traditional weddings is the weeks, days and hours leading up to the big event with heightened SKINCARE! I really didn’t think too much about my skin… in fact, I think I was just most worried I wouldn’t overdo my makeup. But I LOVE the idea of how the bride & grooms prep their skin, the mothers-of-the-bride (maybe the dad too, just haven’t read/heard about that all too much) go in for some noninvasive nips and tucks, and everyone just looks their absolute best. It’s like my dream!

Below are our favorite wedding tips & tricks for the future bride & groom! Also, if you’re rolling your eyes because getting married aint your thang, we get it… These tips and tricks can be used every day of the year, so don’t feel excluded! Between babies, weddings, house buying.. Yada yada, all these benchmarks in life get me stressed out, so don’t feel bad if you’re not there yet or never want to be or you could be way past all that stuff. Take the timeline with a grain of salt and just pick out what’s best for you.

Tip #1:

Start 3 to 6 months out. It may seem crazy, but many skincare routines & products take some time to work.

Tip #2:

Have a serious conversation with your skincare provider on what you guys agree on being best for your skin.

I would personally recommend you consider the following: And I do all of these in my normal life, I only need to get married once, that was enough stress for me… but I think these are great skin adaptations to consider in general.

  • Start up on a great retinoid – I would do this anyways in life, but if you haven’t, start 6 months out.
  • If you’ve got acne, hone it in! I’m pretty sure I visited my skincare doc with the wedding in mind… that’s when I was suffering from hormonal acne and I just wasn’t having it. Glad I did it. Plus, we got another Cheeky on Aczone and she couldn’t be happier!
  • If you suffer from dark spots – strongly consider doing Cosmelan or getting on the Groots cream. Hands down the best things for your dark spots.
  • I would DEFINITELY recommend 3 IPL facials (or possibly 6, so you’ll want to start 6 months out)… I did it AFTER our wedding last year and kicked myself for not doing it before. It was a life changer. (I didn’t tell my derm I was getting married cause I was so anxious LOL!)
  • Start up a vitamin C routine! Vitamin C helps brighten your skin and decrease your pore size, so that’s a great regime to start up for the big day.
  • So I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I would recommend doing Botox or Fillers a month before your wedding (if you already do it or maybe you’re interested in it for the first time). I’m not saying you NEED to do it in any fashion, it’s just important for me that I do it, so I wanted to give you my recommended timing in case you were interested. Botox takes about 10 days to take effect and a month gives you some time to see where you ‘need’ it if a certain area was missed.
  • Consider getting laser hair removal. I did this one after my wedding too, but I would have loved to have been hair free on my big day! It’s a little treat to yourself. Takes around 6 months to complete, so be sure to start out early.

Tip #3

Stop experimenting with skincare treatments and products at the 2 week mark.

Tip #4:

Exfoliate! I would recommend exfoliating 1-3 times a week, depending on your skin type. This will help brighten your skin and give you that ‘wedding glow’. If you’re a mankind member of our group, consider getting regular hot shaves for extra exfoliation.

Tip #5

Do not pick that beautiful face! I definitely thought about this before my wedding. I would often go into ‘surgery’ for my facial hair.. So I made sure I didn’t pick at it and just let the ingrown hairs be. For mankind, keep those ingrown hairs in check.

Tip #6:

Slather on the sunscreen & wear a hat! I would recommend of course doing this every day regardless of the upcoming nuptials. But if you’re a little lax on this, get your mind right and stay diligent.

Tip #7:

Do weekly at-home facials

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