Ever since I was a child, I loved to make people feel and look beautiful.

…But What About a *Body* Skincare Routine?

You’ve probably got your face routine down pat. Pun intended! (Skin patting… okay, you get it!). But do we have our body skincare routine as organized?

I’d say most of the time Cheeky tends to focus on the area’s of the face and what we can do to help beautify us even more than we already are, but it is not super often that we take the time to go through a suggested skincare routine for the largest organ on your body – your skin. The skin that we have all over our bodies!

#DidYouKnow? 21 square feet (2 square meters) of skin is the amount of skin jacketing an average human adult. According to National Geographic.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t until just recently that I started paying more attention to my body skincare routine. I honestly, like most young adults I’d assume, really haven’t paid a large focus or amount of time defining my body skincare routine. I’m pretty basic… Shower, shave my ungodly amounts of leg hair, do some general exfoliation, body lotion (if I’m wearing looser clothing after, I’m very inconsistent, I really don’t like how body lotion feels, but anyways)….. & done. And then of course I apply sunscreen if skin is exposed (which isn’t really recommended, you should technically be applying it like you would your face sunscreen – daily, re-apply often and spread thoroughly), but for the most part, I don’t do anything special.

So if you’re like my mom who religiously applies her body lotion after each and every bath/shower, then I applaud you. But if you’re looking to start up a new body skincare regime, we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve. And of course, these are just recommendations. In all transparency, I will most likely be awful at following this new routine, but with my 32nd birthday coming up, I can definitely see that my skin is changing. And anyone older than me may be thinking, ‘Oh poor you!’, LOL – in a nice way of course! But I don’t think of it like that, I’m just trying to relate to us Cheeky’s that our skin does change as we mature, whatever stage we’re in & like our face skin, we can do a really great job keeping it fresh & beautiful. I once read that a dermatologist could tell a huge difference in the 80 and 90 year old’s that took care of their skin vs. the ones who didn’t. I think I’m finally ready to be that 80 year old with lifted, taught, skin! What say you!?

Bathing Tips

Couple no-brainers in this list, but never hurts to hear/read it again….

  • Keep bathing time to a minimum, 3-10 minutes at most
  • Avoid taking super hot showers, that will only dry out your skin
  • I’d recommend using a loofah or scrubbing brush of some kind to REALLY exfoliate your skin each and every time you bathe (if your skin won’t dry out too much from it)

Our Favorite Loofah Sponges To Exfoliate Your Skin

  • I would recommend that you let your body air dry to avoid over scrubbing and drying out the skin even more – I often do this & always do this with my face washing routine & I think it helps a lot with the dryness I ‘suffer’ from
  • Once or twice a week, soak 5-10 min in an Epsom salts (2 -4 cups in the bath) or other mineral salts – this helps to remove the outer dead layer of skin

Body Lotion Tips

Most body moisturizers contain varying amounts of humectants and occlusive agents. The more dehydrated the skin, the more it will need products containing occlusive agents, for example

  • Humectant moisturizers (composed mostly of water and a small quantity of oil): They provide immediate hydration. Think lotions & creams
  • Occlusive moisturizers (with oil as their main ingredient): They retain water in the skin. Butters and ointments are these guys
  • In butters, ointments and oils, look ingredients like these: mineral oil, shea butter, lanoline, beeswax and petroleum jelly
  • In creams, milks and lotions, be on the lookout for: vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, aloe, honey, shea butter & cocoa butter
  • I read/heard that you should apply lotion when your body is ALMOST dry – you’re looking for damp skin.  In order for the lotion to do its job, it needs to get down deep into our skin to provide lasting results. When we apply lotion to dry skin, the lotion doesn’t work its way as deeply as it could. Or honestly work as well as it should
  • If you find your skin to be quite damaged, you may want to update your routine with a nightly application of repairing cream containing glycolic or lactic acids. By using these types of acids, in two to four weeks your skin will promote better water retention and help it regain its dewiness and suppleness

Hempz Pure Herbal Extract

Exfoliation Tips

Though we touched on it briefly up above, there are varying best practices when it comes to exfoliation. 

There are two main types of exfoliation: chemical and physical. When you hear ‘chemical’, think of AHA’s & BHA’s and when you hear ‘physical’ think of St. Ives, the good old apricot scrub from back in the day that’s still on the shelves.

  • We recommend that you avoid abrasive scrubs or ‘physical’ exfoliators because they are often really harsh on your skin. They actually create tiny micro-tears & can trigger irritation & dryness. They are also highly fragranced with essential oils which can be extremely irritating to already ‘wounded’ skin
  • Instead, opt for an AHA or BHA. These exfoliants gently dissolve the bonds holding dead skin to the surface, revealing the fresh, healthy-looking, bump-free skin beneath

For example, use an AHA like glycolic or lactic acid to improve the look of sun-damaged, dry, crepe-y skin. And consider using a BHA like salicylic acid if you struggle with clogged pores, blemishes, redness or rough bumpy skin.

Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream (salicylic acid is the hero ingredient & it’s a use-in-shower product!)

  • When exfoliating, consider doing it in some capacity, every time you bathe. Whether it be through a loofah, or a chemical exfoliant, exfoliation when done thoughtfully and properly can provide an awesome outcome

Feet Care Tips

  • Moisturize your feet, especially while you sleep. We’ve recommended Foot Relief by Aveda before, and we still stand by our recommendation!

  • Use a nail brush! Nail brushing can keep your nails clean from debris, but it can also stimulate new skin cells and younger looking feet and nails.
  • Looking for crazy exfoliation? Consider using the infamous Baby Foot Peel.

Limited Edition Baby Foot Peel

Maturing Beautifully Tips

  • Consider a body peel! Just like your face loves a good face peel, your body skin will thank you just the same

Stacked Skincare Multi-Acid Body Peel

  • If you shave your legs or any parts of your bod, consider an alternative to shaving cream. Shaving cream can be notoriously drying. Consider something like coconut oil or even aloe gel
  • Your neck & your hands will show the first signs of your skin’s aging process, so pay extra special attention to those areas
  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, especially on your face, hands, neck, ears & chest when heading out for the day (I need to be better about this!)
  • This is a no-brainer probably, but it’s best not to bake in the sun or in a tanning bed. The sun’s UVA & UVB rays are shown to damage our skin & if we can just avoid it, great
  • When all else fails, apply body moisturizer of some kind – moisturized skin tends to be ‘wrinkle-free skin’ too

SkinMedica TNS Body Lotion

‘TNS Recovery Complex products contain a professional concentration of patented NouriCel-MD. NouriCel-MD contains an array of natural human growth factors and other compounds that help diminish the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines and uneven texture.’

  • Don’t forget to have your skin checked yearly by your dermatologist
  • Add antioxidants to your routine. Look for vitamins C, E, D & B. The more the merrier.

#CheekyConfidential And don’t forget, have an antioxidant product you use on your face? Take that same product and add a couple drops of it to your body moisturizer and call it a day!

Do any of you Cheeky’s want to share ways that you take care of the other 95% of your skin?

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