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Can Houseplants Actually Improve Your Skin?

As this Cheeky family prepares for our next military move, I’ve had houseplants on the mind! We probably have 20 plants in total, a lot of them cacti that I quickly adopted once we landed in good old Tucson almost 3 years ago. I find plants to be absolutely magical. I’m motherly at heart, just not in a traditional way… I like to mother our cat, Yaya and take extra good care of our plants (and hopefully a doggy in the near future). I’d do that all day long! And when it comes to these plants I’ve collected over the years, including one that my parents drove here from Tampa to Tucson that Josh gave me the day before he left for 13 months in Afghanistan, I get EXTREMELY invested in them. They’re theoretically my kids 😉 So as our minds go to our next endeavors, my mind tends to stop & think about some of these plants I’ve had with me for the last 10 years & how in the heck I’m gonna get them moved to our next adventure (we’ll most likely ship our cars, fly to our destination & not be able to bring the plants along via movers). If you have any affordable ideas, please let Cheeky know or just share with the community in the comments area below. Ya never know who could use the tip!

So while, clearly they give me satisfaction as far as my emotional state goes, it got me thinking can these plants do more than just make us happy? Studies seem to suggest that! And better yet, plants help our skin mature more beautifully! I’m all ears!!

With the cooler months headed our way, or if you’re reading this from another country that’s experiencing warmer temperatures, you may experience dry skin regardless of the temperatures outside, it’s time for us to think of innovative ways to keep our skin moisturized.

According to a recent study into the benefits of houseplants held by The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in collaboration with Reading University and PhD student Curtis Gubb, there are certain houseplants that are good for your skin. The study found that certain plants can counteract the drying caused by heating units and a variety of other drying elements in our homes, through a process called transpiration. During transpiration, plants lose water through their leaves. When the process occurs with houseplants, the result is an increase in moisture in the air inside your home.

However, the experts said more research was required to find out exactly how many plants are needed in a room to contribute to cleaner air.

Plants can lose as much as several hundred milliliters of water per square meter of leaf area depending on their type, size & the conditions of the room where they’re housed! That means a plant like a Peace Lily which is typically 20 inches tall & around a foot wide, transpires around 100 ml of water in one day… That’s equivalent to a small teacup of water that’s evaporated. HOLY COW! Think of what that could do if you had a couple of those bad boys near your bedside.

To choose the best plants for your skin, the researchers recommend those with high transpiration rates that can expel more water.  Here are some plants we’ve researched that offer high transpiration rates!

  • Peace Lily
  • Spider plant
  • Areca Palms
  • Ivy
  • Rubber plant
  • Geranium
  • Arrowhead plant
  • Dumb Canes

Make sure you are aware of how some plants can be especially dangerous to your pets. For example, I know that the Peace Lily is very harmful to cats, so I wouldn’t recommend that for cat owners.

What else can plants do for your well-being?

  • Studies have found that a mix of shapes, sizes, and colors influences positively parameters like self-reported productivity and well-being, and even some physical parameters such as pulse rate.
  • Plants also capture dust and particles from the indoor air, meaning that plants with leaf areas are particularly beneficial.
  • According to one terrarium shop owner, since opening her store, she has yet to be sick – whether it was a cold or a stomach bug!
  • Plants are known to help you relax in your space. Feeling stressed? Bring a plant or two with you to your desk or place it near your bedside. Folks say it’s shocking how much a plant can help calm your nerves.

^ Yaya doing bad things as usual (eyeroll, she’s really, really cute though!) & our beautiful spider plant doing it’s thang!

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