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2016 Olympic Games Swimmers

How Does Chlorine Affect Your Skin

It’s the Olympics! Wahoo! GO TEAM USA!

We’ve watched most events at the 2016 Rio Olympics this year, but we’ve been especially interested in the swimming events… between the cute synchronized divers (those poor fellas having to wear tiny Speedos, but anyways) and Michael Phelps reaching 20+ medals (total badass), we’re totally enamored at their skills.  But one thing that’s been in the back of our minds are the effects of chlorine on their skin.

While most of us aren’t swimming competitively, we have to imagine that there are plenty of you visiting the pool this summer and we have friends who swim religiously to get exercise.  But do we know what chlorine does to our skin? And do we know how to protect it!?

Chlorine is one of the 10 most-made chemicals in America, mainly because it’s used to treat the water used in our homes.  Chlorine’s main responsibility is to kill bacteria living within it. But did you know that chlorine can severely damage your skin and even cause premature aging!? Even small amounts of chlorine can be harmful over a period of time. When you shower, the heat opens your pores and allows the chlorine to seep into your skin. Chlorine strips the skin of its natural oils and causes it to dry and crack, which can lead to wrinkles [source: New York Department of Health].

Long term effects of chlorinated water on skin can cause acne, Eczema, rashes, depleted proteins and even some skin cancers (it promotes the generation of free radicals within the body & specifically the skin).

To avoid the day to day effects of chlorine, you can use a chlorine filter on your shower and tap water. When visiting the pool this summer, you can try using a pre-swimming lotion that’s specifically formulated to block chlorine and protect your skin. We also suggest showering right after you hop out of the pool to avoid having it ‘sink’ into your skin.

Stay safe out there folks and GO TEAM USA!

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