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Cleansing With Filtered Water

I find showering to be somewhat of a buzzkill… But maybe not in the way you’d think. So while I find it very boring to shower (I know of so many people who just love showering… I wish I felt that way), I come to the realization every time I hop in that shower that I have more leg hair than I ‘should’, I have to blow dry & do my hair (which seems to always take forever) and my skin will be oh so dry the minute I step out of it. Woes me!

If you’re like me, the minute you shower is when your skin is like, ‘Ummm holy hell.. where did all our moisture go? Oh you don’t know… well let me become really tight, itchy, irritated and splotchy, and then we’ll see if you want to shower again.’ I feel like that’s the dialogue my bod has with itself each and every time. I know that my skin is feeling that way because of a few variables:

  • My skin is naturally dry
  • The soaps that I’m using in the shower are not hydrating enough
  • The hard water in our household is kicking my skin’s ass

And I’m pretty sure the terrible hard water in our rental home is to blame! Or at least it’s the main culprit!

In an analysis of 20 million tap water quality tests performed between 2004 and 2009 by water utilities, Environmental Working Group (EWG) detected 316 contaminants in U.S. water…. I feel like you’re gonna be mindblown when I list off the findings in this study….

These include the toxic rocket fuel component perchlorate (WTF?!), the industrial solvent acetone, a weed killer, the refrigerant Freon and radon, a highly radioactive gas. EWG also found pesticides and fertilizers, animal poop & pee, factory ‘run off’ and a variety of other various byproducts!

Okay, so maybe you’re thinking… ‘at this rate, we can’t avoid it’ and I’m pretty with ya on that, but there is one specific way that you can protect your skin from harsh water and that includes shower head filters! Say what!? Like why on earth have I not thought of this before… genius! 

Benefits of a shower head water filter:

  • PURIFIES YOUR WATER – Removes Chlorine, heavy metals (lead, mercury, nickel, chromium), bacteria, pesticides, and inhibits the growth of scale, algae, fungi, and mold
  • REVITALIZES YOUR BODY – Reduces dry itchy skin, dandruff, eczema, and dramatically improves the condition of your skin, hair and nails
  • PRESERVES HAIR – If you have dyed or treated hair, your hair will thank you. You’ll find that you have softer hair that fairs far better
  • PH BALANCE – Enhances the water’s PH balance making it better for your hair, skin and nails

Water filters we recommend:

Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System

AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter

Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set Filter (Metal) Cartridge Vitamin C and E + 15-Stage Shower Water Filters

Images and some information provided by their respective brands. 

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