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How to Clear Up Broken Capillaries

I had a blemish on my cheek the other night… I went to ‘extract’ it safely and cleanly and I must have gotten overzealous because I quickly thereafter saw some broken capillaries surrounding the blemish… crap…

I had always thought mature beauties were most prone to broken capillaries in their face… just a part of aging, right!? However, when I realized several years ago that I was getting some on the sides of my nose, I knew I had been wrong (because I’m not at the age yet where capillaries tend to get weak & more prevalent), or at least I’m seeing them for other reasons. You too may be actually seeing these broken capillaries on your own face, mainly near your nose & cheeks areas.

Capillaries burst for a variety of reasons, most commonly, genetics, sun damage, rosacea, trauma to the skin, extreme heat, wind burn and aging… so basically they will happen because you’re a living, breathing, human being 😉 But in my case, it was a direct response of unnecessary trauma to my skin when I was ‘picking’ at my blemish…crap…

What are broken capillaries?

Broken capillaries aren’t actually broken! That phrase simply describes the condition where red, ‘darkish’ spots are found on the cheeks, nose and chin. When skin is injured or irritated, the thread-like veins beneath the surface of skin become visible to the naked eye and remain as ‘permanently’ dilated capillaries. They can appear as red or blue in color. Red-colored ones are arterial capillaries and are easier to treat & prevent whereas if they’re blue in color, they’re deeper in the skin & harder to treat.

So now that we’re all gonna be looking at my right cheek in any future uploads of mine 😉 It’s time we start to learn how to avoid these boogers in the first place & how to tackle them in the future if we do start noticing them.

How to Avoid Broken Capillaries

  • Be VERY careful with your skin near your cheeks & nose – don’t over exfoliate or ‘pick’ like I did
  • If you start to notice some broken capillaries after using your cleansing brush, like a Clarisonic, change your use up to only at night or to every other day
  • Avoid things like too much heat, excessive alcohol, excessive caffeine & even spicy foods (reminds me of what rosacea sufferers are supposed to avoid as well)
  • Don’t bathe in the sun, but you Cheeky’s know that
  • Avoid super hot showers
  • Keep your skin hydrated (we all know mine is dry)
  • Cool your skin down after an intense workout or after an unavoidable heat encounter (i.e. living in Tucson)
  • Avoid harsh treatments like microdermabrasions if you have ‘sensitive’ skin
  • Lather on sunblock – duh!

#CheekyConfidential As we age, collagen production in our skin slows down. Without it working in overdrive, our skin loses its firmness and elasticity, making it look thinner and paler. And when your skin is weak, capillaries are more likely to become dilated and visible on the surface.

How to Lessen the Look of Broken Capillaries 

  • Put your face toner in the fridge so you can easily spritz that beautiful face of yours with cool, refreshing liquids
  • Vitamin E oils can be especially effective when it comes to natural solutions for reducing dilated capillaries
  • Vitamin C with bioflavonoids (basically antioxidants) taken orally may help prevent bruising and help keep blood vessels strong.
  • Vitamin A creams (like Tretinoin) may be helpful with broken capillaries, since they can boost collagen production in our skin.
  • BBL Laser Treatment #CheekysChoice – The treatment works by receiving a cool gel application to the skin first. Then a chilled applicator is placed on the skin to deliver the necessary light therapy (broadband light), in a series of 3 separate filters.
  • Cooling products like cucumbers or even an ice pack encased in a towel can be extremely effective on ‘lessening’ the severity of your dilated capillaries
  • Refreshing masks fresh from the fridge can be especially soothing

Hope that helps you in your quest to lessen the look of broken capillaries! If you guys need more assistance just holler at your girl! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook as we provide even more skincare tips & tricks!

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