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Clip, Clip Away!

A Cheeky contacted us the other day saying he’s taken the plunge and clipped his hair…. meaning he’s using clippers to cut his hair down all the way but isn’t using a traditional razor to do the job.  This is a safer way to accomplish the bald is beautiful look and easier to maintain.  He was experiencing typical dryness, along with overall sensitivity & also inquired about how men get that shiny look – good old Bruce Willis comes to mind when I think of an appropriate shiny look.

I sent him over an email explaining what is the typical process & great products that will help him on his way to not only a beautiful scalp but a healthy looking bald head. Note: This user does have sensitive skin so the product recommendations are more catered to that. However, organic and all-natural products tend to be great for everybody.

If you’re new to the clipping game, we should first start out with the overall process – when I mention, ‘shave’, please note that we mean using clippers to achieve this look.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Exfoliate – you want to prepare the skin for a thorough shave. You also want to get rid of any dead skin & clean out pores to allow for the cleanest & best looking shave.
  2. Shave 
  3. Shampoo AND conditioner – if you have hair, let’s say on the sides of your head, then you’ll need to use shampoo & conditioner. If you’re totally bald, a moisturizing 2-in-1 body wash/shampoo can do the trick (as long as it is not too drying). This is not an ideal thing to do but we get it…
  4. Moisturizer and/or after-shave balm – this will help your scalp have a polished and moisturized look.
  5. Optional – Shine or anti-shine
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Optional – Bronzer

Recommended Products

For the exfoliation part of the program, here are some great products –

If you’re on the hunt for a great shampoo/conditioner – here’s what we’ve got on the list –

If you’re a quick and easy sorta guy, then here are some good 2-in-1 options –

#CheekyConfidential If you’re really suffering with a dry scalp, apply a little honey and olive oil to your scalp for 10 minutes prior to shampoo/conditioner and that should help – do a couple times a week.
When it comes to moisturization for your scalp.. we have some choices –
If you need more shine in your life, there’s plenty of options –
For a natural & easy look, baby oil is said to have that shiny Bruce Willis effect
If you’re anti-shine, there are some great products too –

#CheekyConfidential Use products for your face that control shine.. it’ll have the same benefits on your scalp.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen! If you’re looking for a more bronzed look, they have men’s bronzers – mix this with your sunscreen and call it a day –
 Recommended bronzer for a more polished look. You can even consider using a BB cream that does it all for you.

There you have it folks! Hope this has been helpful! If you have any tricks up your sleeve, let us know in the comments section below.

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