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Cucumbers for your eyes

Cool As A Cucumber

You’ve heard that putting cucumber on your eyes helps, right!? But first off, have you tried it? And secondly, do you know what the benefits are?  At Cheeky ComplexioCucumbern we’re all about trying inexpensive ways to freshen up.  Let’s get enlightened (pun intended).

  • Cucumbers revitalize your eyes
  • Cucumbers have subtle, mild skin lightening effect – great for dark circles
  • The absorbic acid in cucumbers bring down the water retention in your eyes – thus removing puffiness and swelling (which is what I get often)
  • Apparently cucumbers are not only great for the eye area but often used on cellulite – supposedly if you mix coffee grounds, cucumber juice and raw honey and apply it to your skin, wrap it in a cloth and leave on for 30 minutes, it helps! Who knew!? Who has tried it?
  • Cucumbers are made of 95% water, so they bring lots of moisture to the skin (always good!)
  • Cucumbers are high in vitamin E which reduce fine lines and blemishes

To take care of dark circles or puffy eyes, do it the night before an event for best results (if you don’t have that kind of time, doing it the night of will help enough).  Apply two freshly cut cucumbers out from the fridge on your eyes.  Relax and leave them on for about 30-40 minutes.

Check me out 😉 I did it for 20 minutes because I got bored, but saw bright and awake looking eyes the next morning.

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