Ever since I was a child, I loved to make people feel and look beautiful.

Dear Men’s Journal…

Because we’re obsessed with skincare, we subscribe to about every blog you can think of, we also like to subscribe to lifestyle magazines like Men’s Journal so that we can learn a thing or two about men’s grooming specifically… however, I cannot tell you how disappointed I was in their latest November 2016 issue that advised men on, ‘How to Lose 10 years’.  I was thinking, ‘Hey, good start… I like to see magazines suggesting ways for men to look younger in today’s society’ (it’s tiresome to only see that angle directed at women) but I was so wrong. Suggestion #2 included shaving your nose hairs……………… that alone takes off 5 years, right!? What in God’s name……….

Let’s quickly go through their list of top 6 things men can do to look younger – unnamed-13

  1. Keep your hair short
  2. Trim ear and nose hairs
  3. Rethink facial hair
  4. Snip brows
  5. Avoid old man cologne
  6. Wear sunscreen

Ok.. so we agree with #6, but everything else is assuming that all men are just straight slobs…. So then, I look to the left of that brief article and see there is a guide titled, ‘A Gentlemen’s Guide to Getting Work Done’. They suggest that men should consider Kybella for a double chin, lasers for bad skin and Botox for wrinkles.

How on earth can Men’s Journal tell men to address the hairs on their face and then dive right into Botox? They’re totally missing the in-betweens!!!! We’ve got a few suggestions of our own to help our male Cheeky readers look younger & feel better!! In addition to ripping out that page & throwing it in the trash.  Okay, that sounded a little harsh, but I mean come on!

  1. Use a face wash that’s different than your body wash
  2. Get a cleansing brush like the ones from Clarisonic – they’ve got a men’s one, don’t worry!
  3. Invest in quality moisturizer – read our ‘Men’s Top Skincare Lines‘ blog for some product recommendations
  4. Exfoliate your skin 1-3 times a week – use either ground up oatmeal mixed with water or sugar and olive oil… exfoliation is key – it eliminates dead skin cells and polishes skin, refines pores and smoothes wrinkles
  5. Find the right eye cream for you – we recommend a gel that immediately hydrates & combats tired looking eyes
  6. Charcoal it up – once a week use a charcoal mask to draw out the dirt and oil that gets stuck in your pores
  7. Use quality shaving cream and aftershave gels to avoid razor bumps and burns – read our blog on ‘Wet Shaving Tips for Anyone with Hair‘ for our top tips
  8. Address your pores – men tend to have larger facial pores than women, consider using an alcohol-free toner to recondition your skin or even a Korean Essence product
  9. Visit the dermatologist – I meet too many men who’ve never been to the dermatologist (the men in my life do thankfully!)- even if you don’t have acne or any real skin conditions, visit them to get at least a Retinol cream… you’ll thank us later. Don’t forget to have them check any and all freckles you’ve got going on!
  10. Use a sunscreen daily – with zinc and broad-spectrum protection
  11. Consider a tinted product to give you a fresh glowClinique for Men makes a great product that 98% of customers would recommend to a friend
  12. Get on the chemical peel bandwagon – once or twice a year, if not more… visit your local salon for a light skin peel to get rid of old and dingy skin
  13. Protect your skin – with UPF clothing for added protection
  14. Use a mask weekly – masks are great for hydration and wrinkles – Perricone MD has a great Chloro Plasma mask that we recommend

And because we’re thorough… we still want to go through some of the ‘duh’ suggestions that you probably already know….

  1. Cut back on the alcohol consumption if you’re into that
  2. Exercise regularly – doesn’t have to be insane, go for a walk!
  3. Get more sleep
  4. Trim that hair – I know, I know…it does give off the apperance of looking younger
  5. Take vitamins and supplements – like Vitamin E & C that help ward off free radicals and help improve the natural glow of skin

Alright, now that I’m off my soap box, I really hope you learned a thing or two! Getting rid of facial hair is the least of your problems if you’re not even using a good moisturizer.  Let us know your favorite products for men in the comments section below.

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