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Dermaplaning Has Me Hooked!

I had the amazing opportunity to experience a wonderful dermaplaning session the other day and I cannot wait to go back! I’ve referenced dermaplaning before as a recommended medical facial for those looking to rejuvenate the skin and get rid of unwanted peach fuzz & dead, dull, flaky skin!

However, it wasn’t until the other day that I had realized how amazing the treatment actually is & two days later, my skin still feels like butter. That’s why Cheeky is here right!? To not only recommend skincare tips, tricks and treatments, but also try them ourselves! If you’ve never had dermaplaning, I highly recommend you Google a trained (& licensed) skincare provider near you and book! This treatment has me already wanting to make my next appointment 😉

Dermaplaning sounds somewhat scary, but it’s for the most part painless – I would call it mildly irritating on the skin. Dermaplaning consists of a VERY trained (please make sure the person is reputable) esthetician or skincare provider taking a 10 gauge scalpel and basically scraping the blade across the surface of your face. It takes off the top layer of skin and also the hair & peach fuzz on your face – and we all know, facial hair is my curse! This procedure is used to either prep the skin for more invasive procedures like laser treatments and chemical peels or solely used to slough off all the bad gunk on your face & leave it feeling like a baby’s butt! Literally! I think I can honestly say that my skin had never felt so smooth after a treatment before in my life – wow, that’s pretty impressive now that I’m thinking about it!

Who benefits from this treatment, you ask!? Those folks who are looking to brighten and soften their skin will benefit the most from this procedure. Those who suffer from cystic acne or mild to severe acne should discuss this procedure with their doctor before ‘going under the knife’. What does it cost & how long does it take? It runs anywhere from $75 to $150 depending upon your location and what add-ons are included in the procedure. In my instance, I had LED light therapy performed after the treatment to enhance the skin. As far as the duration goes, I would say anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. What happens to your skin directly after treatment? It can be slightly red and irritated feeling, but that went away for me for the most part within an hour or two. Your skin will be glowing the next morning and feeling so soft! Please remember that your skin will be extremely sensitive to the sunlight after this treatment so later up on sunscreen. If you’re looking to start up a facial regime that includes dermaplaning, it is recommended that you get this treatment once a month as your skin rejuvenates typically every 28-45 days depending on your age!

#CheekyConfidential Your peach fuzz will not grow back darker! It’s an old wives’ tale!

Couple things to know before scheduling your treatment – 

  • Men can absolutely get into dermaplaning!
  • Dermaplaning can actually help with fine lines and wrinkles
  • Be very knowledgeable and safe if you do try this at home
  • Once you have dermaplaning done to your skin, your skincare products will soak in just that much more
  • Dermaplaning helps acne scars fade
  • Helps with getting rid of oily buildup, thus improving your acne
  • Pregnant women benefit from this treatment greatly as it can help rejuvenate the skin without going against Dr.’s orders – please still ask them!
  • Targets dark spots & helps rid of them

#CheekyConfidential It may darken your sunspots initially as dermaplaning gets rid of the top layers of skin, thus revealing the deeper layers of the skin. Overtime, you will notice these dark spots will begin to fade! #dontpanic

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