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How Dirty Towels and Pillowcases Are Sabotaging Your Skin

I have to admit… it wasn’t until I really started Cheeky Complexion that I was being diligent about cleaning my face towels and pillowcases on a regular basis! I guess it was always in my subconscious the idea that face towels and pillowcases can in fact get dirty, but I didn’t really know how dirty. According to the University of Arizona, hand towels are one of the dirtiest items in your home. Not only do they collect dust and dirt, but you also can have oils, makeup, dead skin cells and god forbid fecal matter…. (I can honestly say I’d never thought I’d write that word in a blog post). Towels also tend to get damp from either washing your face or hands on a regular basis so with that comes a breeding ground for bacteria! Yikes, you’re not only washing your hands with it, but you’re getting up close and personal with that beautiful face of yours. And let’s not forget about pillowcases… these guys collect the same bacteria that’s on a toilet seat. Yup, you read that right – I can’t! Then you’ve got the oils from your hair products sinking in, your face oils & dead skin cells that deposit on your pillowcase as you sleep. All that crap that collects causes your skin to have unwanted breakouts, irritation, dead skin cell buildup, premature aging, larger pores, dull complexion.. need I go on?

I hope I haven’t scared the living daylights out of you when it comes to your towels and pillowcases, but there are ways to combat all this nasty bacteria from getting on your skin. Thank God!

Use a paper towel

This one is my personal favorite & I’ve actually changed up my routine to this! Just bring a role of paper towels into your bathroom and pat your face dry every time you wash your face. Be sure not to rub as this can cause even more irritation because as you know, paper towels aren’t the softest things in the world. Or heck, consider using toilet paper… That method may get a little messy because toilet paper tends to stick to wet surfaces, but it can be softer on your skin.

#CheekyConfidential If you don’t want to be that ‘wasteful’ & you’re most interested in washing your face towels on a more regular basis, look for laundry detergent that is antibacterial. Not all bacteria goes away with regular old laundry detergent.

Have separate towels for face, hands and body

I’ll never forget when I used my body towel to get the oil for my hair off my hands, then the next day when I got out of the shower I used the same towel to dry off my face. Ah! I instantly re-washed my face and had visions of pimples popping up all over the place. Needless to say, I never did that again. The moral of the story is to have separate towels for when you wash your face, when you dry off your hands & when you hop out of the shower. And my god… think about what parts of the body you’re drying off when you get out of the shower and then you’re using it on your face… gah! I won’t go on!

Change your pillowcase every night (or at least wash it more often)

This is where I haven’t improved all that much because we don’t have 10 extra pillowcases lying around & we certainly don’t do laundry every day. Though you should see the amount of clothes the man in my life wears every day… it’s actually quite mind blowing. I’ve been making more of an effort to clean my pillowcases more often & switching them up when I remember. You can also use a clean towel or hand towel on your pillow every night to combat all that dirt and bacteria… but again, that’s more laundry so I’m not quite sure how feasible that is, but if you’ve got kids or do laundry more often, this could be a great idea for you to consider.

Consider anti-bacterial pillow products

If laundry ain’t yo thing… there are several products on the market that can help combat the bacteria on your pillow in between washes. For instance, you can use an anti-bacterial pillow mist that smells fresh and also promotes healthy skin. Then you can always consider a disposable pillowcase cover, but I really couldn’t find any online that weren’t ‘medical grade’. Let us Cheeky’s know if you’ve got a good source.

All-in-all, the point of this is for us to be more aware of the bacteria we’re getting onto our faces & how we can take little steps to preventing them from wrecking havoc on our skin. If you’ve got a great idea to share on how to live a cleaner lifestyle when it comes to the towels & pillowcases in your life, let us know in the comments section below.

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