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Do You Need to Wash Your Face In the Mornings?

Update: I didn’t wash my face this morning and definitely noticed an improvement in dryness. However, I did crave the act of cleansing this morning and feel a little ‘dirty’. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but thought I’d mention it. 

The mornings are often fun-filled as you get your ass moving & ready for the day. We all are brushing our teeth (I hope!), showering, getting dressed, etc… We’ve all got a process. And one of those processes may include washing your face… but is that because we’ve all been told to do that since we could wash our faces in the mornings? Is it necessary? I’ve always thought, what could I have possibly done while I slept that would mess up my previously treated face (the killer nighttime regime I follow)!! Right?

This damn household is up at 3:45am – poobear goes to the gym AND rides his mountain bike all before work….. I’m lucky to get out of bed on time LOL! I wake up around 4:30 or so to start work at 6! For the most parts my mornings aren’t too insane…Wake up, brush teeth, handle my face, deal with my hair, let our cat Yaya drink from the sink, feed yaya her can of food and fresh hard food, suck down a cup of coffee before work & get my fanny to work. I’m sure many of you have much busier routines & you could afford to cut out a step or two… or seven. (I secretly wish I was like Kate Hudson and meditated in the mornings and just enjoyed the shit out of the quietness… Why can’t I be a calmer person!?!!??! Gahhhh!!!!!)

While all the goodies on my morning to-do list are necessary, I go back and forth when it comes to washing my face most mornings. I find that when I wake up, my skin looks so hydrated and dewy and I know damn well that the minute I wash my face, dryness will appear. And heck, even if you don’t have dry skin, you could be washing your face too much!

Let’s figure out if you really need to be washing your face each and every morning. I recently read an article where many dermatologists themselves don’t actually wash their face in the mornings. So shall we join suit? Hell, it’s one less thing to do! That’s a plus!

If you have super oily or acne prone skin, you may benefit from an intense cleanse every morning. Please be sure to do what’s best for your skin.

Reason #1 Excess Oil, Sebum

Our bod naturally makes sebum, it’s just naturally created oils that locks the moisture into our skin & keeps it hydrated. If your skin isn’t hydrated enough, more sebum will be produced to keep the remaining moisture on your skin. So let’s say you’ve got dry skin… your body doesn’t make enough sebum, so every time you wash your face, you get rid of the little sebum you have left…. On the other hand, if your skin is oily, washing your face too much can actually cause an increase in oil production.

So it’s like you can’t win! Instead of washing your face, consider doing this:

Option 1: Get your day started with an amazing toner instead!

Toners have a host of great benefits – 

  • Shrink pores
  • Gives your skin a natural pH balance
  • Adds protection
  • Moisturizes
  • Exfoliates
  • Refreshes skin
  • Suppresses oiliness
  • Prevents ingrown hairs
  • Softens skin

Option 2: Use a facial spray instead

Reason #2: Too Exfoliating

We often recommend folks doing their exfoliating/cleansing in the nighttime hours. You really don’t want to be exfoliating in the morning because those dead skin cells actually can help protect your skin from the environment that you’re about to head out into.

Consider using your cleansing device or washcloth just at night.

Option 1: If you would prefer to wash your face in the morning, just use your hands and cleanser & call it a day.

Option 2: Do a quick splash of cool water onto your skin and gently pat. Try not to use your cleanser if possible and see how your skin reacts.

Reason #3 Disrupts Skin Barrier

Cleansing tends to disrupt our skin barrier. This can often lead to more water loss & it also can mess up your skin’s pH levels.

If you notice that your skin is either super oily or super dry, your skincare products could be disrupting your natural pH levels, so we would suggest testing the ‘no washing your face in the morning routine’ out for a couple weeks and seeing how your skin reacts. You may be surprised that your skin isn’t as oily or as dry as it once was.

Reason #4 Tap Water Can Be a Real B*tch

Tap water contains very drying minerals like calcium, magnesium & even chlorine… so if you’re washing your face with tap water every morning, chances are your getting rid of your skin’s natural moisture & oil levels.

Option 1: This is another great opportunity to use a facial spray and call it a day. Spray your face gently, dab off excessive moisture off your face and off you go. Folks reported that they’ve seen their best skin yet when doing this instead of washing their face.

Reason #5 Washing Off Night Time Products

My night time products are definitely my best and most expensive products. It kind of seems like a no-brainer to want to keep those products on your face as long as you can.

Cleansers are made to help remove oil & dirt and of course whatever is on that beautiful face of yours. If you have been sleeping with all your amazing anti-aging skincare products on at night, then using a cleanser that morning will try to remove the good oil and moisture you just spent the night infusing into your skin. To make sure it really sinks into your skin, we suggest skipping the routine face wash in the morning.

Still not sure!!!?… Try using your regular cleanser at night & find a really gentle cleanser you can use in the morning instead. It’s all about balancing your skin. Too much of anything is a bad thing… so just experiment and see what’s right for your skin.

This piece is a direct reflection of Cheeky’s opinion… We found very differing views on this whole face washing bit & that included a number of world renown dermatologists.. so you do you! 

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