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Face Gym: Training Sticks

So with the heat of the summer near & outdoor activities-galore coming up, the weather really has got me thinking about our skin. One thing that always stood out to me when I spoke with a licensed skincare professional one time was how she mentioned to me that it’s not ideal for the skin, especially on our faces, to get hot. And especially in the case of those individuals with melasma & rosacea for instance, it’s REALLY important to keep your face cool. BUT, that’s a little unrealistic. We’ve gotta live our lives, but is there a way we can do both!?

YES, yes there is! Plus much more! YASSS!

I was on good old Insta the other week, following one of my favorites, Face Gym’s owner Inge Theron, & I got entranced with a Story on her feed that was discussing their new ‘Training Sticks’. I thought, hmmm, I’ve recently been biking a lot, is this the type of training they’re referring to? And while I do live my life, I am HORRIBLY aware of when my body is hot & to avoid it at all costs (one for my skin & two cause I just don’t wanna be hot)…so if there is a single thing that can help me cool down, I’m all ears. Oh and if you suffer too from getting too hot, check out these ice rollers. They’re the bomb.com too.

Why Ice Rollers Are the Perfect Spring Addition

Anyways, I digress.

So she mentions this particular training stick, right? And I’m intrigued.  So as I watch the video/Story more,  she applies it before a run, runs & then comes back to show us her skin and how the stick performed. I have to say that it was glowing and despite her being outside,  it didn’t look like she had just done a workout. She looked sweaty, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t that same ‘hotter than shit’ look I was expecting. Where you’re red and miserable, ya know!

It was at that very moment that I exited out of Instagram and visited Face Gym’s website to learn more!

What is Face Gym?

It’s literally a gym for your face. We’re talking miniature medicine balls,  IV drips, customized serums – everything to sculpt and shape your face! Oh and employees wear workout gear – love it! Created by Inge Theron, who discovered Face Gym after she had a type of facelift gone wrong and became home bound for a pretty long time. She was frustrated that it took all this time, money and recovery to get the face that she desired. She decided it was time to do something about it! And that’s when she created the Face Gym.

What Are Training Sticks?

Motion Activated SkincareTM  turns each gym session into a glowing skincare opportunity. Designed for busy lives & workerouters, these sticks are to be used during your workout to give you maximum results on  your beautiful face, while you workout your bod. Activated by heat and moisture these Training Sticks are packed full of goodness that is slowly released into the epidermis during your workout. Get your heartrate up and these sticks are apparently shown to transform your skin.

Upon application, they say you’ll feel a tingle. That’s when you know it’s kicking into action. As your body warms up, your skin’s cell metabolism increases and the nifty sticks release their antioxidants, vitamins and even acids at the perfect times for absorption and activation. As you sweat, your pores naturally open and the MyoSKNFITTM technology is there to deliver key ingredients to intensify their benefits!

How to Use 

Apply allow over yo face – forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Work out for at least 20 minutes from application for the warm up, cardio & cool down phases to fully activate the sticks. Oh and they say, should you be sweating to the oldies, you may want to wear an 80’s headband to keep it from burning your eyeballs.

The Training Sticks

Multi-Vitamin Training StickHYDRATION

‘This potent Multi-Vitamin Training Stick for your face contains our unique MyoSKNFIT™, encapsulated Vitamin C & E and Hyaluronic Acid to replenish and revitalise the complexion, giving smoother, more even skin tone. It plumps the skin with hydration, improving fine lines and wrinkles. The high potency Vitamin C & E is delivered in a double-layered encapsulation system, allowing for a controlled release and longer-lasting effects.

• Revitalises the skin with high potency nutrients and vitamins
• Smoothes skin and improves tone
• Plumps skin with hydration
• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Improves the overall appearance’

This is the ‘cooling’ stick she referenced on her Instagram. 

Spirulina Training StickFIRMING

‘This Spirulina stick formulated with MyoSKNFIT™ helps to strengthen the skin prone to irritations, making it firmer and tighter. It contains Bidens Pilosa Extract that help to improve skin elasticity and leave skin visibly younger and luminous. It restores radiance, texture and firmness in mature skin. Rich in Spirulina, a protein-rich algae that provides an incredibly high source of nutrients, amino acids and iron. Complexion appears more defined and tighter.

• Lifts and firms the skin
• Tones and tightens
• Reinforce the feeling of improved skin density
• Helps leave skin looking visibly plumped
• Revitalizes and restores a youthful, natural luminescence’

Brazilian Pink Clay Training Stick – BRIGHTENING

‘This Brazilian Pink Clay stick with our unique MyoSKNFIT™ offers a complete nutritional boost to revitalise sallow looking skin. This training stick, has been designed to offer a quick solution to rebalance and brighten the complexion. It brings vitality and radiance to tired and dull skin while tackling dark spots and pigmentation. A unique Porcelain Flower Extract and pharmaceutical grade Salicylic Acid target multiple layers of the skin for effective and comprehensive skin rejuvenation and healing of common skin irritations.

• Revitalises the skin with vital high potency nutrients and vitamins
• Leaves your skin looking radiant, bright and fresh
• Dull looking skin is replaced by a smooth and fresh complexion
• Tackles dullness dark spots and pigmentation’

Charcoal Training StickDETOXIFYING

‘This Activated Bamboo Charcoal Training Stick, containing our unique MyoSKNFIT™, draws out pollution created congestion while detoxifying the skin with its powerful absorption properties. It focuses on eliminating hard to reach impurities deep within pores in conjunction with its multitude of anti- oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Bamboo Charcoal is gentle yet effective, and works especially well to clean and care for oily, combination, and blemish-prone skin types. It also contains Tea Tree and Salicylic Acids to stimulate circulation, leaving skin looking revitalised, detoxed and brighter.

• Detoxifies skin
• Renews skin
• Draws out pollution created congestion
• Reduces the appearance of pores
• Gently exfoliates the skin’

Some information and images provided by Face Gym.

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