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Face Masks for Sun Protection

I’m headed to visit with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world who I miss way too much – it’s probably not normal – my dad 😉 I miss both of my parents far more than a grown woman probably should, but I’ve always been that way. Lord, my brother can vouch for this, but when we were little and they would go on a date night, I would scream and cry my ass off until they get home. I just know babysitters used to love me. I still cry every time in the airport and either through the gate or in the car whether I’m coming or going whenever I leave them. But anyways, don’t want to go too much into my unstableness LOL, but needless to say I’m so excited to hang out with my dad one on one. I just had the same opportunity with my mom here recently when poobear was on a 3-week work trip and I cherish these moments so much. They say things like ‘you never know what you have until it’s gone, or appreciate them while they’re still on this earth’ and I often think, ‘You’re preaching to the choir’. I absolutely know what I have and appreciate them every single day.

But that is besides the point… The point is how EXCITED I am to be visiting with dad while my mom hangs out with my brother, his wife and their beautiful little baby. I cannot wait for those photos! Gah, that baby cannot be anymore beautiful – poobear calls him a ‘Gerber baby’ whenever he sees him!

When planning my visit with my dad, Greg, we were taking some time to go over our itinerary. We’re itinerary people… keeps us in line. And as we were going through the list of amazing restaurants Cincy has to offer, we also talked about doing some of the things we used to love doing together that makes it hard living 1800 miles apart (ugh depresses me just thinking of the distance). One of those things was biking on the endless trails that Cincinnati has to offer. Greg and I used to be some serious bikers! We did the New York City 5 borough bike tour, road 15+ miles after school every day in high school, yada yada. We were badass! It was something we seriously loved doing together. And it’s something I miss dearly.

Biking a couple times during my visit made it on the itinerary! When Greg was mentioning this to me, he was hesitant because he knows I avoid the sun like it’s the plague… but I assured him, it was no biggie and I’ll get out there! However, in my head, I’m thinking ‘Shit!’ How the hell am I going to avoid the sun… sure I can shove my big ass hat under my gawd awful helmet… but what about this face of mine. The sun absolutely reflects off the ground…. I always think about the White Sands Dessert and how these guys would always wear a hat but still get sunburnt on their face nonetheless because of the reflection….The minute I get it out in the sun, those damn dark spots are like, ‘Yo what up girl….’ Ain’t nobody got time for that. And just recently with my whole ‘thoughts are things’ mentality and I’m hoping that I’ll be spending my future winters skiing in Colorado, I’ve been thinking a lot about masks. Not the kind that I’m wearing now that’s hydrating my face as I type…. The ones that protect your skin from the sun.

I’ve always been under the assumption that ski masks made sense because they kept the sun off your face but they also kept you warm…. but the ones designed for warm weather were just hot as all get out… What the hell do you do when you’re in the heat and you need to protect your face. One time I did that when we were walking in the desert and I thought I was going to pass out from the heat created under my hat and face mask (I wasn’t all that knowledgeable back then). And I’m literally the hottest person in the world… Josh calls me a ‘personal heater’… He doesn’t like sleeping close to me because he’ll get too hot (And I tend to kick… besides the point) and when were little no one in the family liked sharing a bed with me on vacation because it was like sleeping in a sauna. You’re welcome! I decided that I needed to really do some research this go round so I can have the time of my life biking with my dad like old times and also protect my face from the sun and not overheat. Challenge accepted.

Quick Tips for Face Masks

  • UPF rated – 50+ –  Sun protective clothing is specifically designed for sun protection and is produced from fabric rated for its level of UV protection. UPF just means the ultraviolet protection factor which represents the ratio of sunburn-causing UV with and without protection of the fabric.
  • Look for cooling and/or warming features dependent on what you’re needing
  • I find that the ones that stay up on your face because they’re tight can be REALLY hot, so I would suggest looking for one that allows air to come through the bottom if you’re on the hunt for sun protection when it’s warm out
  • Prepared to look like a fool – it’s all good man! You’ll be looking like a million bucks later in life, but be prepared to look a little wild
  • I would suggest still applying sunscreen and of course wear sunglasses (goggles) & a hat when sporting these masks
  • Look for ones that feature ‘quick drying technology’
  • Avoid ones where you see reviews that discuss ‘sogginess’ around the mouth area caused by breathing – gahhh! Nobody wants a soggy face
  • Get into the habit of washing this guy regularly because if you don’t, you may end up with a rash or acne-like symptoms and nobody wants that either
  • Breathable is a key word to look for
  • Microbial fabric is a plus – ‘Antimicrobial fabrics and textiles are fiber-based substrates to which antimicrobial agents have been applied at the surface, or incorporated into the fibers, rendering a product that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms.’ according to MicroChem
  • If you own a hat you already love, consider getting just a face mask – it doesn’t always have to be a hat/mask combo

CoolNes USA Neck, Face Mask – This is the one I ended up ordering!

And yes, I absolutely got the one with the American flag! Because ‘Merica!

CoolNES Neck Face Mask is composed of a unique Mesh Fabric that offers a Shield System containing UPF 50+ Solar Protection, Quick Dry breathing and Chemical-FREE Cooling.’

Balaclava Winter Ski Mask

I pronounced this like baclava in my head…. I really like food…

Uniqme Sun Hat

DDY Outdoor Trade

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