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Face Washing & Working Out

I was out with my family hiking the other day & it’s starting to get hot… like mid-90’s and we had lunch, shopping, pickle ball (like tennis) & tons of other fun activities after the hike that we had planned, so I knew I was going to need to ‘wash’ my face sometime during the day, if not a couple more times ;-).  With the sweat, extra sunscreen & overall heat, face washing after activities is so important. It is recommended that you wash your face 5-10 minutes after you complete your workout. We will want to keep a couple things in mind when it comes to taking care of your face after exercising –

  • We don’t want to use any cleansers that contain harsh ingredients that will strip away our natural oils.
  • Try to avoid applying makeup of any kind directly after your workout…When you increase your metabolism through working out, the oil glands naturally secrete, so putting anything on right away may block the pores.
  • Most beauty products are designed for use on ‘cool’ skin, so if you put on your products on hot skin, you may have an unwanted reaction – so give your skin some time to cool down – hence the 5-10 minutes rule!
  • Use a face wash or soap with pH levels as close to neutral as possible
  • If you exercise at a gym, try addressing your face before exiting the building
  • Do your best to keep the hair off your face

#CheekyConfidential It’s recommended that you NOT wear makeup when working out (tell that to the gals at Powerhouse Gym in Tampa, ah it used to kill me when we lived there… I could just see oil building up)! Consider taking a cleansing wipe like Philosophy’s Purity Cleansing Wipes to remove your makeup before your yoga class.

Here are some products we recommend for after-gym care! Keep it in your bag & make it a habit!

Dr. Gross All-In-One Cleanser

All Skin Types

image compliments of Dr. Dennis Gross

First Aid Beauty Wipes – I’m a huge fan of wipes! Because so many activities in Tucson are outdoor, there is often no ‘sink’ for us to use! 

Most Skin Types

image compliments of First Aid Beauty

La Roche-Posay Thermal WaterThis is a great spray to use after washing your face… cools down your skin and gives it that much needed moisture!

All Skin Types

image compliments of La Roche-Posay

Dove White Beauty Bar – Not the most portable, but you can buy a travel soap container! Great for added moisture!

All Skin Types

image compliments of Dove

Dr. Brandt Pores No More – Great for a deep cleanser!

Oily Skin Types

image compliments of Dr. Brandt

Purity Made Simple Cloths

All Skin Types

image compliments of Philosophy

What is your workout cleansing routine!? Tell us in the comments section below? Want more catered options for your skin type? Shoot us an emailDon’t forget to apply your sunscreen before ya head out the door!

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