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What Does Facial Waxing Do To Your Skin?

I was ‘blessed’ with dark facial hair.. whether it’s my jet black eyebrows, ever growing eyelashes (I have to pluck them they grow so much), dark mustache area & of course my curse, the dark hairs along my chin & chin line. Lovely! I had dark hair before puberty hit and was always a topic amongst the young, moronic boys in my grade school classes growing up! I started waxing early… I think I was 10 or 11 years old to help ease up on the ‘bullying’. I continued to wax into my early twenties, until I noticed something…. I was getting dark spots above my eyebrows and along my mustache area. ‘Oh great, that’s just what I need’. In fact, a fellow Cheeky started to notice that herself very recently – she lives in Florida and it’s always a struggle to evade the ever present sunlight.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to get rid of facial hair, including threading, plucking, shaving (my top go-to’s), epilation, hair removal cream – & not all skincare removal systems are damaging to your skin. Ever since I noticed the dark spots around the areas where the skincare professional would wax, I started to wonder what in fact waxing does to your skin – I mean it’s not the most pleasant feeling on earth right, so clearly it’s doing more than just ‘ripping’ out our facial hair! Have you ever noticed ‘damage’ to your skin after receiving a facial wax treatment? You’re not alone! If you are currently using wax to help maintain your facial hair, you may want to think twice.

Here are the top reasons for you to re-consider facial waxing if that’s your go-to!

It actually creates open wounds

Hairs are surprisingly very well attached to your body through their deep root system. Pulling them out means tearing them out by the root. It leaves a tiny wound just under the surface!

Waxing can damage the hair bulb

By waxing, you are pulling at the hair from the root and doing this over time you damage the hair bulb meaning hair grows back less dense and with a finer texture. For some, this might be ideal, but for others, not so much….This is why you hear so many women especially complain about having thin eyebrows later in life… they over-waxed to keep up with eyebrow trends and ultimately damaged their hair bulbs permanently, causing the eyebrows to either not grow or be thinner looking in appearance.

Skin becomes irritated

I remember I would get my eyebrows waxed and then plan a ton of errands afterwards… but in theory, I really should have done those errands beforehand because your eyebrow area is often red & inflamed… I have such thick facial hair that I noticed many hair roots would bleed from the extreme action of ripping out my facial hair.

You can actually burn your skin

If the skincare professional is over zealous during your appointment, he or she can actually burn the surface layer of your skin. Make sure that the wax is not too hot when applied as you can experience actual burns on your face from the wax being too hot.

You can over exfoliate your skin

Because waxing is abrasive in nature, you can actually be over exfoliating your skin – which we all know by now is not a good thing.

You can ‘stretch’ out your skin

Most often the skincare professional will secure your skin so it’s not being pulled all over the place. However, if you’re getting waxing done on a more regular basis and the skincare professional isn’t holding onto your skin as tight as possible, you may actually be tugging too much at your skin, thus causing premature aging.

Skin becomes more susceptible to sun damage

Wax not only pulls out the hairs from your face, but it also removes a top surface layer of your skin. Because the skin underneath is not used to being exposed, it’s actually much most susceptible to unnecessary sun damage & beginnings of dark spots & melasma.

Avoid the sun as much as you can for as long as you can – I read many articles on this and most recommended staying out of the sun for at least a day… please, avoid the sun for a few weeks.

If you’re still set on using waxing as your go-to hair removal treatment (I get it… If it works for you and hair is problematic, then it’s understandable to keep using a regime that helps you feel your best), there are some things you should know:

  • Don’t use glycolic acids or stronger acids prior to your appointment
  • Stay out of the sun and apply sunscreen
  • Wear a hat when you’re in the sun for an extended period (or if you’re like me, even when you’re walking from your car to a clothing boutique a few feet in front of you)
  • Spray rose water on your face to help lessen the irritations
  • Avoid retinoids for a couple days before & after your waxing treatments as they will worsen the ‘burn’ experienced by many
  • Waxing will cause your pores to open so if they’re not completely clean from the beginning, you may get wax induced acne
  • Use Neosporin on the sensitive spots created by your waxing treatment
  • Consider facial hair threading as a viable hair removal option – benefits include:
  • Little to no damage to your skin
  • Less painful
  • Maintenance is way easier since threading can target even the smallest hairs
  • Your eyebrows are more defined

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