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First Aid Beauty – The Up & Coming Skincare Line

I tend to be a loyal customer to brands when I find a product or two that I like… I don’t know about you guys, but when I see results from one product, I tend to think I’ll get similar results in another created by the same company. For instance, I am very loyal to brands like SkinMedica, SkinCeuticals, Dr. Gross….. and then I find that I’m becoming more and more loyal to a few online stores like DermStore & SokoGlam… I’m always VERY pleased with the products that I find on those sites & they’re known for only selling products that work. In fact, DermStore’s vision is to sell products that are professional strength and trusted by the world’s most renown dermatologists.

As of late, since the Cheeky Complexion demographic is a total mix of folks with different budgets, I’ve been really finding myself exploring a variety of brands! A few months ago, I stumbled across the brand First Aid Beauty… created in 2009, but really finding their niche in the skincare market as of late. Lili Gordon, creator, wanted to produce a collection of products meant for sensitive skin that are both affordable (like uber affordable) & deliver immediate, lasting results that even the most expensive brands promise. Plus, they’re filled with all sorts of amazing ingredients and paraben-free (the cancer causing gunk) & alcohol-free so we know that the products have our best interest in mind.

If you haven’t already heard of them (or maybe you have), I thought we’d touch upon some of my favorite products – some I’ve used and some that receive rave accolades and are trusted by some of the top beauty editors around.

FAB Skinlab Retinol Serum $58

A great alternative to stronger retinols! A slightly lower dosage than others on the market, so this can be great for younger skin. We just recommended this to a fellow Cheeky! It contains even more ingredients than the .25% retinol, such as hyaluronic acid (for dry skin), aloe & ceramides (which helps with acne).

#CheekyConfidential I would 100% recommend this product to acne suffers – in fact, this alone can do wonders for your acne. It’s gonna slough off that dead skin & help future bacteria from growing!

Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration $30-$42

I have the big size of this & found this to be the only product that has helped my intensely dry skin! It gives a dewey finish & overall awesome sheen. It contains oatmeal, shea butter & even protects your skin from environmental bad guys! This can be used on your face, body & even safe to use on babies! It didn’t cause my skin to breakout either which is a big win in my book.

Ultra Repair Firming Sleeping Cream $38

Since we just learned how imperative a good night cream is, us Cheeky’s should definitely consider this product. In fact, I’ll add it to my wish list. This product went through a clinical trial where 90% of individuals saw smoother, softer more supple skin!

Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum $36

An alternative to the repair cream above, this product comes in a serum. It contains peptides, hyaluronic acid, collagen (big win for me) & aloe! In this product’s clinical trial, 100% saw an increased level of moisture (instrumental measure evaluation), & a whopping 94.1% saw an improvement in the overall texture of their skin. I may have to try this one when my cream runs out,

FAB Skin Lab 10% AHA Serum $55

Gahhh! I may need to add this one to my wish list! This had the highest rating of all ones mentioned – 5-stars! Don’t worry, the others were all 4.5% and above! This covers the full gamut when it comes to our skin – helps shrink pores, minimizes fine lines & wrinkles, brightens, smoothes & protects against environmental aggressors!

#CheekyConfidential The main benefit of an alpha hydroxy acid is its ability to exfoliate the skin. AHA’s essentially remove the “glue” from the upper layer of skin that holds onto the old, dead skin cells. By effectively removing that top layer of skin, AHA’s help new skin ‘grow’!

Images compliments of FAB

FAB offers an extensive amount of products to cater to any skin need & I love that it’s so affordable. If you’ve got a FAB product you swear by, let us know in the comments section below!

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