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Francofiles: The Spotscan Device

Whew, it’s been a while since we’ve shared our unwavering appreciation for the French culture. I thrive to be like the beautiful French men and women! Whether it’s their fashion, their ease of lifestyle, their simplistic views, their skincare techniques, their ‘French attitude’… I LOVE IT ALL. So when we spotted one of our favorite French skincare companies came out with a new device, we got super excited. Not only are they beautiful & fashionable, they’re smart too. Oh to be like the French…..

Acne is said to plague over 40% of adults… that’s quite a bit. However, there are a LOT of different kinds of acne… You can have hormonal pimples, chronic cysts, blackheads, nodules, white heads… I mean the list seemingly goes on and on. So while you may think you know what kind of acne you’ve got going on, it may be good to get a second opinion!

La Roche-Posay, a French sensitive skincare brand, has come out with a new tool called Spotscan that can help you identify the severity of your breakouts, allowing for you to take control of your skin concerns and be better informed when it comes to skincare choices or even when visiting the dermatologist.

What Is Spotscan?

Their Spotscan device uses a patented algorithm to grade your skin from ‘0’ to ‘4+’ using the Dermatologist GEA grade, by comparing it to 6,000+ images of all ethnicities that have been reviewed by dermatologists.

Once reviewed, the system comes back with an analysis and skincare products that they recommend. You can even visit the site often and utilize their skin diary to see how your marks are improving over time.

You can also take the advice that they share and discuss it with your dermatologist. You may find that you’ve been treating the wrong type of acne and by using this device, you’re able to better figure out what will ultimately help those acne marks disappear.

How to Use Spotscan

  • On  your mobile device, go to uk.spotscan.com
  • Follow the steps to allow for your camera to be accessed by the ‘app’
  • Take 3 photos of your face without makeup on, in good lighting – it’ll guide you
  • Your skin will be scored based on the presence of blackheads, pimples and marks


  • Getting the scan to ‘accept’ my face was a little tricky but I got the hang of it
  • I have just gotten a Clear & Brilliant laser performed on my face, so I’ve got wonky ‘spots’ all over that they have interpreted as acne – so today may not be the best day for it, but I can appreciate what it picked up.
  • The device did think my nose ring was a pimple…Hey, it can’t all be perfect 😉
  • It’s a pretty simple device and I get where they’re going with it….
  • The advice they had for me at the end was super helpful – that was my favorite part
  • They do not store your photo, so take a screenshot of your results so you don’t lose it
  • Acne can often take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to improve or freak out, so use this as a base line, but don’t worry if you’re not seeing results right away… it takes time.

Effaclar Skincare Line

In regards to the solutions and products they recommend, it’s all centered around their Effaclar line. According to their website, ‘Effaclar offers a comprehensive line of dermatologist-tested medicated acne treatments and complementary non-medicated skin care for oily skin.’

Our Favorite Products

Effaclar Gel Facial Wash for Oily Skin

Effaclar Acne Treatment System

The only acne treatment system with Effaclar Duo to reduce up to 60% of acne in 10 days. Visible results starting day 1. Effective on blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads. 3-time winner of Allure’s best of Beauty Award for Best Acne Treatment.’

Effaclar Clarifying Solution Acne Toner

‘This exfoliating acne toner with salicylic acid and glycolic acid helps remove pore-clogging debris and smooth skin texture. Removes excess dirt and dead skin cells to leave skin feeling refreshed and even.’

Side notes….

  • I tried Spotscan using Chrome and it required me to enter through Safari. Just a heads-up for your iPhone users. 
  • Don’t forget…. the technology should not replace real-world advice, especially for severe acne, which may require prescription meditation and further guidance.

Some information and images provided by La Roche-Posay

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