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French Women’s Skincare & My Quest to Francophile-ness!

I’m SOOO excited to share this with you all! I’m on a new quest to become a Francophile! If you haven’t heard about it before, don’t worry, I hadn’t either until I made the decision to be one! A Francophile is a person who is obsessed with all things FRENCH! YASSS!!!!! Can you do it with me!? I’ve purchased my first book to start –

Lessons from Madame Chic, by Jennifer L. Scott.  (Here’s my next book – The French Beauty Solution, by Mathilde Thomas, who co-founded the all-natural skincare line Caudalie – I ordered it while writing this blog – I swear I have zero self control when it comes to online shopping)

In my quest, I’m anxious to learn EVERYTHING! Whether it’s through watching old French movies, learning French, visiting Paris (I’ve gotta suck down some drugs to get on a plane for that long tho……), wearing a beret, you name it, I’m on it! However, one of the main things I’m most excited about when it comes to becoming a Francophile is learning about how french women take care of their skin! From what I’ve seen & read about French women (prior to my quest!) is they have effortlessly, beautiful skin! Cheeky has touched upon Korean skincare tips & tricks, but I think it’s time we make our way across the globe & take a gander at what other nationalities are up to! And what better way! Oui oui (‘yes yes’ in French).

#CheekyConfidential According to a survey, which was conducted by online retailer Escentual.com, on average a French woman looks 1.3 years younger than British women for every decade – around 3.4 years younger on average.

Though I hope to start an amazing series of French beauty tips as I delve into this who Francophile thing, I thought I’d get started with some secrets I’ve already learned! 

Secret #1

Parisians have advised folks to ditch cleanser first thing in the morning in favor of a micellar solution or just plain water.

Secret #2 

Drink a red glass of wine at dinner! – See, it’s not hard to become a Francophile, right!?

Secret #3 

Avoid processed foods at all costs – your skin is the largest organ on your body, it reflects what you put into it when you eat.

Secret #4 

Beauty treatments are a necessity, not a luxury(my newest mindset, wallet isn’t loving it, but that’s okay lol!)

Secret #5 

Beauty shouldn’t end at your chin!

Secret #6

Aging isn’t a WAR! Embrace your wrinkles, quirks & imperfections. (trying to get here!)

Secret #7 

They follow the  “Pleasure Principle”, which simply means that your beauty routine should not just make you look good – it should also make you feel good.

Secret #8

Less is more! French women focus more on skincare rather than utilizing makeup to cover up any imperfections.

Secret #9

Go to bed bare faced (I’m a little up in the air with this because your skin repairs itself when you sleep & why wouldn’t you want amazing products to help you repair that much more!?)

Secret #10

It’s common for French women to take warm showers (not hot) and finish with a jolt of cold water to tone and firm the skin by enhancing circulation.

Secret #11

Avoid the sun at all costs – many French women that I researched often wore 50+ SPF along with a hat every time they were out and about!

Products French Women Trust

Black Rose Cream Mask – Best selling face mask in France!

Avene Cleansing Gel

Bioderma Cleansing Micellar Water

Aderma Epitheliale A.H Skin Repair Cream

Le Petit Marseillais Lait Body Wash

images compliments of their respective brands

Our very own Cheeky, Maggie, recommended this product to us, Embroyolisse Lait-Creme Concentre. It was originally suggested to her by her French boyfriend’s mother! She says it helps keep her skin from being so dry!

Maggie, we are way too jealous that you have the inside scoop to French amazingness! If you learn any more details on how we can be more French, please let us know ;-)!!!!

image provided by Maggie

Interested in becoming a Francophile with me!? Let me know in the comments section below! Want to hear more French skincare tips and tricks!? Let us know that too!

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