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Georgia Louise: GLOPulse

Since handling my business with this chemical peel and being a glorified shut in (not leaving the house so I can let everything heal), I caught up, finally, on some light reading (I say ‘finally’ like it’s my busy season lolol!)… AKA, magazines! Gosh, they almost seem archaic in a way, it’s so strange. But something about actual books and magazines that you can hold and flip through is really gratifying to me. Do you guys feel that way? I ordered a new book to read from Amazon and I had to wait a couple days before it arrived, so I opted in on that Kindle freebie where you can read up until chapter 3… It was almost painful. I didn’t really know what to do with my hands, I kept hitting the wrong buttons when I went to ‘flip’ the page & cursing unnecessarily when I somehow ended up on chapter 3 without any forewarning. Don’t worry, I received the new book last night so I’m back to my normal self. But back to what I was saying, I LOVE a good magazine. Whether it’s Architectural Digest, Men’s Journal, CB2 catalogues, etc., I could read them for hours and then continue to reference it in months to come. Don’t worry, I’m not a magazine hoarder… Though I do have my favorite home design magazines safely put away so I can reference it for our future home purchase.

As I was doing the what is seemingly now the bi-monthly magazine ritual…. settling in to my favorite chair, burning incense, lighting smudge (just me spouting off some chant that I have no idea if it’s working or if anyone in the high heavens are listening to me as I say ‘help this home be peaceful and calming’ because Josh and I collectively are the most hyper people that I know) and sipping on something cold because let’s get real, hot anything for that matter isn’t what I crave in this joint, I settled in to to this month’s InStyle! First I read Jenn Aniston’s interview, meh, then I looked at the fashion editorials in the back, then zoomed to the middle area for the beauty area. YAS queen! That’s when I stumbled upon a kind of gadgets guide for skincare products! I was so excited when I spotted a new device I hadn’t seen before. Though I was familiar with the brand, this was my first time seeing the nifty (I feel like we need to use that word more often) tool!

Georgia Louise is a British-born skincare goddess who set up shop in New York City to create a magical empire. In fact, she’s best known for being the top rated facialist in NYC, which is a huge feat because of how MANY of everything there is… I mean, can you imagine being named New York’s BEST pizza restaurant? That would basically be like winning the lottery or in our case, discovering the secret to becoming ageless. But anyways, she’s got strong game and I especially love reading stories where folks just had a true passion for something and rose to the top. Think JK Rowling! (Ya know what, I’ve only seen one Harry Potter movie and never read any of the books, are they as amazing as everyone says they are!? They must be!) Well maybe not that grand of scale as the whole Harry Potter bit, but she’s really made a name for herself.

In the Instyle magazine, the spiffy (that word too we can use more!) tool that I spotted, created by Ms. Louise, was the GLOPulse Deep + Quick Ion Enhancer. Side note: thank you for getting this far into the article for the actual skincare content. And I was mesmerized by what it is and what it promises.

How does it work?: ‘It works in conjunction with special conductive cotton sheet masks filled with plumping and hydrating active ingredients! These sheet masks become turbo-charged with galvanic currents when wearing the GLOPulse Device. After just 10 minutes, you will see how your skin will glow. You will notice then longer lasting results than other regular sheet masks that don’t use electric current. Furthermore the GLOPulse device pulses safe, hydrating and plumping actives into the skin to give the appearance of smoother, softer looking skin.’

And for us non-scientists – What is galvanic current….’Galvanic current uses positive and negative ions to help heal, stimulate, and penetrate ingredients or medicines safely into the skin without the use of needles.’

Georgia Louise offers the following masks for each major skincare need:

Aqua – for dry, dehydrated skin – ‘normal’ skin types

Green – oily, combination skin – sensitive skin types

Honey – dry, maturing skin

How to use: First step is cleanse your face entirely!  Then apply your favorite mask. After that, you’ll pretend like you’re putting on an old school headset but rest the probes on your cheeks and switch on the GLOPulse button. Leave on for 10 minutes & you’re done!

Results: ‘By using galvanic current at home in the form of the GLOPulse, you are experiencing a professional at home facial and allowing all the wonderful ingredients from the natural sheet mask to penetrate 10 times deeper than other traditional sheet masks. Galvanic current also stimulates the blood circulation, refines pores to give you a glow.’

The Facts:

  • Clinically tested to hydrate the skin
  • Proven boosted circulation
  • Gentle device that won’t cause any unwanted pain
  • Turn on the GLOPulse to turbo charge your special GLOPulse sheet mask, sold separately via the website, to deliver the skincare ingredients deeply and quickly into the skin and to stimulate circulation

Image and some information provided by Georgia Louise GLOPulse

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