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Get the Perfect Facial Hair for Movember

Ah this has got to be my favorite month! This is the month where you ‘grow a Mo to save a Bro’! This movement is to raise funds & awareness for men’s health. My sweet, sweet dad had prostate cancer and I LOVE to support this movement and help bring awareness to the importance of prostate & testicular screenings (did you know that testicular screenings are not as ‘enforced’ like breast exams are!?). I thank the heavens each and every day that my dad is still on this earth and I couldn’t be more excited to help share the love of Movember to all you Cheeky’s.

In last year’s blog, we focused more on what Movember is all about & why we love supporting it. This year, we’re going to focus on our favorite products to help you look your best for the WHOLE month! Because there are certainly stages to your beard and we want it to look beautiful regardless of where we are in November.

Whether you’re able to grow the most amazing beard on the planet – my hubby and his brother have unbelievable beards & mustaches – or you’re good for a few hairs here and there, we’ve got our favorite facial hair & skin nourishing treatments ready!

Proraso Beard Wash – Cypress & Vetyver

WOODSY scent alert! Ahhhh my absolute favorite. I have a leather candle burning right now – anything that smells masculine is my #1 choice!

‘This beard cleanser fights itchy, dehydrated skin, as well as frizziness, while effectively removing dirt, debris and odor. As a plus, notes of cedar and amber deliver a crisp and woodsy scent.’

Proraso Beard Balm

Helps you avoid the ‘beard itch’!

  • ‘Eucalyptus oil soothes the skin and provides a comfortable feel
  • Menthol cools the skin and relives itchiness
  • Cedarwood and Mediterranean Cistus offer a refreshing scent
  • Softens and smoothens the skin’

Prosaro Beard Oil

For the seasoned grower!

‘Formulated for longer, thicker beards, helping you tame, smooth and soften. With warm notes of cedar, cypress and amber, this men’s beard oil softens and protects the skin thanks to its moisturizing oil blend. ‘

Prosaro Hot Oil Treatment

‘Fill a mug with hot water, place a vial inside for 5 min, remove heated vial, pour oil into palms and massage into beard. Use a brush to comb the hair, from root to tip, so the product is distributed evenly (it’s going to foam up a little bit). Leave on for a couple minutes, then rinse thoroughly.’ – Dermstore

Some information and images are supplied by Prosaro & Dermstore.com

@ Womankind – I tagged y’all in this posting too to make sure the men in your life are all ready for Movember!

Please consider donating to one of these organizations to help bring affordable treatment to the men suffering from prostate and testicular cancer. Cheeky supports The Prostate Cancer Foundation!



American Cancer Society

Prostate Cancer Foundation

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