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How To Get Rid of ‘Dry Elbows’

I was looking in the mirror the other day to make sure the back of my hair didn’t look insane and I didn’t go too crazy with the teasing and that’s when I noticed the darkest elbow I’ve ever seen on a person of my skin tone…… ‘What in god’s name’ is what I thought to myself & possibly said aloud because it was mindblowingly dark. I use tanning lotion on the regular and for the love of god, I must have just overdosed my right elbow with it. But turns out, as I looked closer and started to mess with it, my elbow was just THAT DRY…. Tanning lotion tends to ‘stick’ to dry areas and that my friends is exactly what it did. I’m thinking, ‘How embarrassing, I’ve been walking around in short sleeves for the past week with only one extremely dark elbow’… that’s fun!

But at that point, there wasn’t much I can do… I’ve never had luck using those tricks to lessen tanning lotion when you’ve gone nutso but I realized the real problem I needed to be addressing then, now and in the future, were my dry elbows. And with cooler temperatures in our forecast (well not in Tucson but in a lot of other places), now is that time to soften up those elbows. Sure, we won’t be wearing as many t-shirts on the regular, but don’t forget all about the holiday wear we’ve got in our near future. Can you believe it’s mid-September?! This year has flown.

Why do we get dry elbows in the first place?

Dry elbows can also be caused by a variety of factors including genetics (I wonder which of my parents has dry elbow issues LOL) and a range of different skin conditions. … However, when your elbows are not properly moisturized they lack elasticity, and so bending the arm can cause dry skin to crack as it stretches. (tips from Vaseline.com)

What’s the best method to get rid of dry cracked elbows? 

Exfoliate, moisturize and heal!

Fragrance-free, non-irritating, hypoallergenic moisturizers and cleansers will help prevent dry skin from getting worse. Also, products labeled ‘non-comedogenic’ won’t clog your pores. I just can’t imagine an elbow zit… might as well cut off my elbow if that happened… yikes! (well not really but seriously…. gah!)

What products should I be using to get rid of dry, cracked elbows?

According to Dr. Andrew Ordon of TV’s “The Doctors,” like many women, my approach to tackling dry skin needs to be reconsidered. …The plastic surgeon explains how applying petroleum jelly to dry elbows before stepping into a steamy shower will help the moisturizer penetrate deeper. Then pat dry and top with vitamin E oil for a glistening finish. Another effective and simple remedy: Take a banana peel and rub in circular motions on elbows. – The Doctors

If you’re not feeling the banana peel trick, here are some products that are known to do wonders for dry, cracked elbows and overall dry skin:

Avene TriXera Plus Selectiose Emollient Cream $29

Glytone Ultra Softening Heel and Elbow Cream $54 (little pricey, but Glytone is an amazingly trusted brand)

Yu-Bee Heel and Elbow Repair Kit $29 #CheekysChoice

O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet $7 #CheekysChoice (use on your elbows too of course)

Vaseline Original Formula $5 #CheekysChoice

images compliments of their respective brands

Say bye to dry elbows with these tried and true techniques! Let us know what you do for your elbows in the comments section below. Have you tried the banana peel test!?

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