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HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator

Up to 60% of the adult body is water! Let that sink in! (I could seriously use puns in every sentence if it was appropriate, but I won’t).

Not only does our body need water to live, our skin drastically needs it too. I haven’t always been that good of a water drinker and it wasn’t until I moved to Tucson, where it’s dryer than God knows what that, did I realize how important water was in my overall appearance. When we first arrived, my lips were swollen and chapped, my face was flaking and my entire body was dry & itchy. I loved my lips when they were swollen HAHA, but that only lasted a short while before things went haywire and cracks turned into bleeding and I was a sight for sore eyes. I upped my water game and also used more chapstick and lotion than my little heart had ever desired.

Having been in Tucson almost 10 months (that’s kind of hard to believe), I’m FINALLY getting there. I still suffer from flakiness & itchy skin, but it’s far better than it was when we arrived.

Now, you’re probably wondering why the hell am I going on and on about how dry my body is (how pleasant)… well…. drum-roll please…. SkinMedica is at it again with their HA5 rejuvenating hydrator. You may not be at my level of dryness if you’re not living in such arid conditions, but we can probably guess that your skin is thirsty and could use some serious hydration (plus as you age, skin’s moisture depletes too so added moisture never hurts). SkinMedica is typically my go-to line of products – I’ve been using them since my early 20’s- they’re easy on the skin, but ‘medical grade’ in quality.2000588_skinmedica_ha5-rejuvenating-hydrator_2016-01-08_1500x1500

91% of patients agree that HA5 made their skin feel more refreshed and moisturized than before, after using for 8 weeks, twice daily. That’s pretty substantial in my opinion for clinical trial results. So how does it work you ask? Hylauronic acid (HA) is a natural water loving substance found on your skin. HA holds moisture in, keeps your skin healthy & supple. With age (as ya know!), the amount of water your skin retains depletes & by ages 40-50,  your skin has lost 50% of the HA it once had at age 20. With SkinMedica’s product HA5, say hello to hydrated skin. HA5 supports the skin’s ability to replenish your own HA for overall skin health. It helps smooth wrinkles and drastically decreases the look of fine lines.

How to Use HA5:

  • Apply the HA5 cream twice daily after cleansing (morning and night). You’ll want to apply it before your moisturizer.
  •  Apply to face, neck and décolleté (don’t forget to put it on the tops of your hands)
  • #ProTip Wet your fingertips prior to applying HA5 to your skin.

Check out this before & after photo of a trial participants – image compliments of Skinmedica.com




The cost for this product is around $115… you can get it online, but I would encourage you to visit your docs before adding this to your skin care system. For more questions, visit the SkinMedica’s website or post in the comments field below.

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