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What Is Hot Yoga Really Doing to Your Skin?

We had one Cheeky take a stab at hot yoga (i.e. yoga in a room that’s 105 degrees F) and had an excessive rosacea flareup that she never wants to revisit! I absolutely LOVE the idea of hot yoga, but I know it wouldn’t be good for my highly pigmented skin. I actually often envy those folks who can just stay in that hot room for 30 minutes to an hour and come out looking like a fresh little peach – all rosy and glowing! Plus their muscles be pumped and blood be flowing! It seems so amazing for you. But ever since we had that Cheeky tell us her rosacea flare-up was the worst she ever had after hot yoga, we thought it would be helpful to us Cheeky’s to address what hot yoga is really doing to your skin.

Have you tried hot yoga before? I know a couple Cheeky’s who follow us on here have a love, hate relationship with it. They feel awesome after, but for the love of god, it’s HOT! I’ve personally never tried it, but from what I’ve heard, it can be utterly amazing. If you’re a hot yoga lover or even considering doing it in your future endeavors, it’s important that we take a hard look at what it’s doing to our skin. Because it’s not just rainbows and sunshine as many may think!

Let’s start with the good though, because nobody likes a negative Nancy.

Hot yoga can be an excellent way to actually hydrate your skin, but there’s a catch which we’ll get into in a little bit. Skin cells need good old H2O to live, so steam that exists in a hot yoga room can be very beneficial for keeping surface layers feeling moist and looking healthy! When you experience a hot yoga session you are seeing stimulated circulation, increased perspiration, and saying bye bye to toxins. While all of this benefits are amazing, circulation is the real kicker we love – when skin gets warm, the capillaries and blood vessels dilate, causing nutrient-rich blood and oxygen to be brought to the cells in one quick punch. Blood circulation is what actually feeds the skin and its cells and ensures these guys are glowing from within.

HOWEVER, there is one important thing you must do after all hot yoga sessions which many folks often miss. If you want to keep all this hydration, it is SUPER important that you use a moisturizer or a hyaluronic acid right after the hot yoga session. While exposing your bod to the mixture of heat and moisture, you’re essentially not getting anything from it if you’re not sealing it in by way of a hearty moisturizer. If you’re not using a moisturizer, you could actually experience unwanted dryness and even premature aging in a sense.

Cheeky would recommend that you bring along a great facial wipe to use within 10-15 minutes after your workout. Then once your face is free from perspiration and is getting back to normal temperature, lather on some of your favorite moisturizer. It’s that easy!

And not only that, but you can help preserve your skin in a variety of ways – 

  • Drink PLENTY of water
  • Cool your skin down regardless
  • Sanitize your mat after every class
  • Keep your hair out of your face
  • Don’t wear makeup
  • Keep your bag in a mat
  • Use a clean, fresh towel to wipe your face during class & use a NEW towel for afterwards

For folks who may be considering hot yoga or for those like our Cheeky who experienced a rosacea flare-up there are additional things you should know before partaking. If you experience any of the following, I would absolutely stay clear of hot yoga –

  • Melasma
  • Brown spots
  • Eczema
  • Rosacea
  • Sensitive skin
  • Acne prone
  • Tendency for exposed capillaries
  • Cystic acne

For those who don’t have these lovely skin ‘conditions’, I would still suggest that you use a cold washcloth or ice to bring your skin back to normal temperature. I just think it’s a good practice overall to always bring back your skin to normal temperature…. it is said that hot yoga can actually trigger melasma in some people, so you may have gone in looking oh so fresh, but overtime, you could see a spread in melasma, so I wouldn’t take my chances. Especially for those who have given birth because pregnancy mask can creep back out.

Tell us your experiences with hot yoga? Does it make you feel amazing or have you noticed some no so awesome benefits from it?

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