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How to Avoid & Fix a Disastrous Spray Tan

‘Tis the season for spray tanning for some of us Cheeky’s who aren’t naturally blessed with a glowing skin tone or for us Cheeky’s who avoid the sun at all costs – both of those describe mwah. When I was in Pure Barre class a month or so ago, I was looking around and saw all these gals with tanned arms and I looked at myself and thought, ‘My god, you’re see thru’. I mean I bet I blinded someone whilst in the damn parking lot. While being pale isn’t a bad thing of course, there are definitely some positives when it comes to a good spray tan. The key word being GOOD!

So just the other day, before I was heading out of town, I decided to get a professional spray tan at a nearby salon so I wouldn’t be all Casper-esk. I started out slow and got the medium spray and then was going to go back the day before my trip for a dark spray when I realized that my feet were PLENTY tan enough. I used the lotion, stood on a towel, wiped off my feet right away with one of those wipes…. how in god’s name does this even happen!??!!?! I mean it’s comical! For weeks, I was walking around imagining how anyone who walked behind me, when I was wearing sandals, was questioning my hygiene. Because look at it! They had to be judging. And then there was no way in hell I was going to go barefoot in Pure Barre class… my ego would have to explain at the beginning at every class that I had a spray tan go wrong and I do indeed wash my feet.

I posted my picture on social media (yes, those are my repulsive feet!) and was hit with plenty of ‘laughing’ emojis, but I also immediately got some folks who sent over suggestions on how to help! While one of the tips was to use Windex, it didn’t work for me (maybe because we only have the ‘organic Windex’ at our house) and then one gal couldn’t remember the name of the product she used that helped her in a pinch. But it got me thinking… what are ways to avoid a disastrous tan and how can you fix one if it happens! Cheeky loves a great disaster! 😉 

Tips to Avoid a Disastrous Tan (like mine…..)

  • Exfoliate & shave prior to your spray tanning experience – I can definitely confirm that this helps.
  • Apparently you should get a pedicure or do an at-home spa treatment prior to tanning so you don’t end up like me.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing after you tan so you don’t get too blotchy
  • Avoid sweating or crying for at least 6 hours after your tan. That can result in splotchiness or the dreaded ‘drip’ look.
  • Consider using a ‘tan accelerator’ that’s typically offered at salons. This helps to make your tan more even. I typically can’t get my shins to tan no matter how hard I try (whhhyyyy. so flipping weird) and I used the accelerator during my insane visit and I did end up with tan shins. So it’s definitely helpful to get an even tan.
  • When you step out of the contraption at a salon, make sure you blot, not rub in the tanning spray. If you’re at home, you just have to make sure you got every nook and cranny possible.
  • I personally like to put on moisturizer the day of a spray tan because I am very dry and this helps my tan be more even.
  • If you’re not going to your local salon, I would definitely suggest that you apply your tanning cream with a glove or mitt.
  • Though it didn’t work for me in this instance, this trick has worked before (many a times!!!!) – I recommend standing on a towel in the booth at the salon so your feet aren’t ‘soaking’ in the tanning gunk.

How to Fix a Disastrous Tan

#CheekysChoice Apply baby oil or coconut oil and let that set on your skin and then soak in a hot bath. After your luxurious, emergency spa experience, take a loofah and scrub away on the side of the tub.

#CheekysChoice Take fresh squeeze lemon juice and sugar (or baking soda), mix and apply to your skin. Let it sit and then scrub away. I remember this trick being referenced in that silly Jennifer Lopez movie, The Wedding Planner. Cheesy movies are my thing!

Chill out in a jacuzzi! Chlorine strips away a spray tan, so going for a swim or hanging out in the hot tub is an easy way to strip away excess or uneven color.

#CheekysChoice We read that Veet hair remover cream can fix a disastrous spray tan! 

#CheekyConfidential Make sure to test a small area of your skin to ensure you don’t get any unwanted irritations.

Apparently sitting in a sauna for 20 minutes can fade your tan 1 to 3 shades lighter. Staying in, safely, can often remove the tan all together.

Since my last tanning experience, I have not gone back, but I found the holy grail of affordable and most importantly CONTROLLABLE tanning products. It does everything I need. Moisturizers my skin (it’s naturally a moisturizer) and gives it a GRADUAL tan. That way, you don’t end up with insanely dark feet or a crappy tan. It’s an Allure award winner – Jergens Natural Glow. I would highly recommend! On my second bottle of this goodness.

image provided by Jergens

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