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How to Get Rid of Milia! (You may actually have this skin condition)

We were on a weekend getaway and in the hotel, there was one of those deadly magnifying mirrors in the bathroom. I have stated before, that those mirrors are the worst things you can have in your bathroom. You see every little thing imaginable and often do more harm than good. So the minute we step foot in the hotel room, my partner in crime yelled, ‘Do not, I repeat, do not use the magnifying mirror in the bathroom….’. I come in and he’s using it and is mind blown at all the goodies he’s now able to see. I immediately told him ‘well, duh’.  Then 30 minutes later, I wanted a look. I schlep in there & immediately began ‘surgery’.. which is what I call any facial or tweezing activity that include a tool 😉 Ugh… I succumbed.

I saw some facial hairs that needed to go and then I spotted what I thought was a little whitehead on my eyelid. So I thought, oh cool I’ll just squeeze that and move on.  Welllllll……. after 20 minutes of ‘surgery’……. I now have a red blister on my eye and the ‘whitehead’ is still there. So what gives!? Come to find out it’s a common condition in folks, called milia.

Milia are those small, hard, whitehead-looking bumps we get around our eye area, cheeks and sometimes other areas of the face that doesn’t typically have redness or inflammation. Milia are actually small cysts that occur when keratin (the key structural material making up the outer layer of our skin.) gets trapped under the skin.

Why do we get milia?

It’s not totally known why milia occurs but most suggest that it can form from heavy use of oils/moisturizers or from damage to the skin – such as rashes or allergic reactions. You can also get milia from sun damage.  Certain skin conditions, like rosacea can be more susceptible to developing it, as well. Milia is very long-lasting and can take over a year to get rid of. I’ve spotted my milia spot before on my eye before… but never messed with it. It’s been there for a year at least.

How to get rid of milia

The most effective treatment to target these cysts is to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. If you do not exfoliate on a regular basis, you will most likely get milia more often or you’re more prone to experiencing these small cysts all together. I will say that I don’t often exfoliate my eye lid if at all because the eyelid skin for me is super sensitive. So if you’re experiencing milia on or around your eye, it will be crucial that we look into products that are going to be gentle on our skin! If you are unable to get rid of your milia, or you have a lot of cysts on your eye area, I would suggest going to your dermatologist as they can better help you or offer a surgical removal of these cysts.

What to consider in milia fighting products…

  • Products that deeply exfoliate your pores
  • Products with salicylic acid (avoid the actual eyelid)
  • Products that contain glycolic acid
  • Products that contain ceramide
  • Products that both moisturize and exfoliate
  • Products that contain retinol

Products to consider

Neogen Bio-Peels $27 #CheekysChoice I’ve used this before and loved it! 

Eminence Naseberry Eye Exfoliant $64 #CheekysChoice

Resist BHA 9 Treatment $43 #CheekysChoice

Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment $36 #CheekysChoice

Talk to your dermatologist or ophthalmologist about your best milia fighting products & procedures! But in the meantime, exfoliate away!

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