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How to Perk Up Your Skin When You’re Sick!

At this moment, I’m battling a fun little sinus infection! Nothing compared to what I used to get every 6 weeks, but it’s still something. I’ve had two sinus surgeries/deviated septum repairs to get my sinus’ back on track and prevent the germs from pocketing in my sinus’. It has helped enormously, but there are still one or two weeks out of every year that I get green gunk and realize I need to take it easy to avoid the wrath of a full blown sinus infection. Like with most things, identifying the concern before it’s gone haywire is the key!

So while I’ve absolutely started using the trusted sinus regime that plenty of doctors have recommended over the years (i.e. Netty pot, Advil, sleep, shit ton of water, hot tea, etc.), I still look like death! My eyes are sunken, my face is shallow, my nose is red, my skin feels & looks dry and I’ve pretty much lost the pretty color from my face. You guys get it! You’ve been sick once or twice in your life right? And hopefully you’ve only dealt with colds, flu’s and stomach bugs, nothing worse! But if you get a nasty little bug here and there, your skin is bound to take a hard hit. And though I will say that after the bug has come and gone, my skin does look enormously better, but that’s probably because of all the water I’ve been sucking down, but it’s also because I try really hard to take care of my skin during this time so I can make a full & even better recovery than when it all started.

If you’re feeling a little under the weather, or you’re getting prepared for your spring sinus infection because believe me, that’s really a thing.. I’m living proof 😉 Then it’s time we take a look at some tips to keep us looking better than we feel!

Use a humidifier at night

This is REALLY helpful in a number of ways. Whenever the air is dry, which is every day in Tucson, your skin looks for moisture wherever it can get it, which is often few and far between when you’re sick. And not just that, but over-the-counter decongestants actually dehydrate the skin too. So considering using a humidifier in your bedroom at night to help keep moisture in the air along with helping your body maintain its proper hydration levels in the skin.

I had mine running last night and that most definitely helped my sinus’, plus I didn’t wake up all puffy and ugly-faced like I did the day before.

Apply a cold gel mask 

This is me at this very moment! I stuck a sheet mask in the refrigerator and I’m helping to bring back to life my parched and dehydrated skin. The coldness of the mask also helps relieve the headache that I’ve got going on and the mild face pain I’m experiencing. I sound like a bundle of freaking joy!

Roll your congestion away

So I probably talk way too much about jade rolling, but it’s seriously been a lifesaver. Especially when it comes to my sinus’. Each night, I take my jade roller and gently roll it on my skin about 50-70 times up and over and then finally push it all downward from the chin to your clavicles. You can also place the jade roller in your refrigerator for that added burst of coldness, though jade rollers tend to be pretty ‘cool’ to the skin’s touch when left alone. This helps with congestion, puffiness and even fine lines and wrinkles, so it’s a great practice to continue as you start to feel better!

Drink TONS of liquids

Drinking water does tons of great things for your body, including flushing away toxins and also decreasing your eye and face puffiness. So it’s a win, win regardless. But don’t forget, you can always take in more exciting liquids like coffee, flavored sparkling water, honey and lemon water, sports drinks (use sparingly) and even milk. Milk is a weird thing to me personally, but it’s known to increase fluid intake, add caloric value and protein as well as soothe the throat, so it could help ya if you’re desperate.

Take a bath

If we didn’t just have a sun spider in our house, I would definitely dive right into a bath, but I sometimes get scared these spiders come from the drain and then I would die if I was in a bubble filled bath and saw a spider crawling on the water… like I itch just thinking about it. But baths can be really great when you’re sick. Add some Epsom salt and essential oils like mint and eucalyptus and  you’ll be a new woman or man! You can even consider adding ginger to your bath due to its anti-mucus properties and it’s weird ability to make you sweat which is a good thing when you’re sick.

Up your lip moisture level game

Now is the time to apply your lip balm even more so! While I do apply a lip ointment (ointment is really just such a terrible word…) every night, when I’m sick, I like to extend it up towards my nose for added moisture where I need it from blowing my snoz. It really does make a difference and I’m not all dry and pasty like I would be if I left my lips and nose areas alone.

#CheekyConfidential I would recommend skipping your retinoids when you’re sick to avoid irritation especially around your lips and nose


This is definitely a big one in my repertoire of feeling and looking better. I wouldn’t take anything too harsh per say, I would do a light peel or even something like an enzyme peel to give you that added boost of freshness… Plus you wanna gently scrub away all those dead skin cells that are packing on your face!

Lotion is your bestie

Like I mentioned before, your skin is probably really, really dry from it working overtime and especially from all the meds that you’re taking. So lotion for both face and body will help you tremendously. So while you can definitely drink your way to healthier looking skin, lotion will do a world of good for ya too!

Load up on essential oils

When it’s sinus infection time in this house, we can expect for me to smell like a giant Bath and Body Work’s candle…. It’s rather intoxicating for my poobear, but it’s like heaven on earth for me. I’ve got mint, eucalyptus, lavender, Frankincense (which helps w anxiety if you’ve got it), oregano (helps with acne, psoriasis and eczema) and finally tea tree oil (which can be great for acne too) on and it helps me out a whole lot. It helps to not only help me breathe, but it helps me relax and get a better night’s rest!

You can also consider applying these to your temples to really give you a blast of freshness and energy! Be sure to test a small amount on your skin first or use a carrier oil!

And finally and most importantly…. sleep

This is a biggie! A good night’s sleep can mean good skin health because when you’re sleep-deprived, your body makes more of the stress hormone known as cortisol. Elevated levels of cortisol can lead to increased stress and inflammation in the body, hurting your skin’s overall quality & we certainly don’t want that. And speaking of cortisol, my levels were off the charts, so I’m actually going to take a sleep study test this month to see if my extremely high cortisol levels are due to sleep apnea or just poor quality of sleep. Fingers crossed I get some answers. But the phrase beauty sleep is actually a real thing!

  • Your skin makes new collagen when you sleep
  • Not getting enough sleep causes your skin to be dryer
  • Sleep increases blood flow – causing your complexion to be glowing and rosy
  • Your eyes get puffy when you don’t get enough sleep – so elevate your head if you have too
  • Being short on sleep can cause the corners of your mouth to droop, making you look sadder than you do after a good night’s rest
  • If you are exhausted, your skin can actually become pale (which is how it was for me on Tuesday morning)
  • Your skin repairs itself when you’re sleeping
  • And according to WebMD, if you’re getting fewer than 6 hours of sleep, you will most likely be noticing your appearance is ‘suffering’ from it.

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