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Why You Need a Humidifier, Stat!

If you’ve been following our blog,  you know I live in Tucson, Arizona where it can get hotter than hell (like I can’t even tell you how hot 115 feels in the summer) and extremely dry and cold at night (in the winter months)! It’s gotta be one of the driest places ever & my skin is no stranger to its effects.

I read this amazing  quote the other day that really helped me understand the importance of ‘hydrated’ skin…

“Many patients are surprised to learn there’s a difference between moisturization and hydration..Moisturization is the process of skin feeling hydrated, while hydration increases the water level in skin, and it’s the addition of water that helps to combat signs of aging.”


Not only do you need a proper moisturizer for your skin, your skin also needs hydration! And I lack it in all sorts of ways. I recently purchased a humidifier for the bedroom to see if it helps combat my dry, dehydrated skin (I did a ton of research and also wanted to be able to use essential oils in it, so do your research too but I hope I picked a good one for us Cheeky’s to trust). If you too are dealing with dry skin from the winter months or are constantly suffering from dehydrated skin year around (either because you don’t get enough water, your skin is naturally dry or for many other reasons), or if you just want to lessen the signs of aging, it’s time we all invest in a humidifier for our homes.

Did you know that having dry skin accelerates aging? I can TOTALLY see the difference when my skin is hydrated vs. when it isn’t. It’s actually slightly mind blowing how apparent it is! I also will be purchasing the HA5 SkinMedica product I wrote about in the new year to bring the oompf back to my poor skin.

Humidifiers work by infusing the air with moisture, soothing dried out, itchy, cracked skin. It’s also crucial that the humidity levels in your home reach between 30-50%, according to the Mayo Clinic. We also purchased a hygrometer, a thermometer-ish device that measures the humidity in the air. I imagine that we will need to buy another humidifier or two just the whole house in the proper range. 😉

Top Humidifier Tips

  • Use distilled water
  • Replace the water every day
  • Consider one that has an essential oil tray to allow for added benefits (i.e. help soothe sinuses with peppermint oil)
  • Read the cleaning instructions thoroughly on your humidifier to inhibit mold growth
  • Consider a humidifier with an ‘automatic shut off’ for safety
  • We recommend purchasing a humidifier that provides only cool air vs. one that has cool and warm air functionality

Humidifier Benefits 

  • Softer, more hydrated skin
  • Helps with common dry skin conditions like Eczema
  • Helps relieve asthma symptoms
  • Helps shorten your cold and flu symptoms
  • Keeps indoor plants healthy
  • Lessens snoring (tell no one, but I need help with this….)
  • No more dry throat symptoms when waking up
  • Reduces the risk of infections – viruses and bacteria can’t travel as well in moist air

We hope you’re sold because we’re REALLY excited to benefit from a humidifier in the home! Have tips and tricks of your own? Share them in the comments section below.

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