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Introducing Rhofade for Redness Caused By Rosacea

And no your Rosacea doesn’t make you look like that monkey…. he just had such a cute red face, we couldn’t resist! As you may remember from our previous Rosacea blog, 16 million Americans suffer from this pain in the rear skin condition! With Rosacea, you suffer from redness, bumps and pimples, swollen eyelids & in severe cases a swollen and bumpy nose! But Rosacea begins with redness on the cheeks, forehead and nose and then gets progressively worse! So what’s awesome is that if you catch it when it starts, you can stop it from getting worse and worse over time.

The only issue though is that most drugs to treat Rosacea have been solely focused on the bumps, pimples and swollen eyelids. Pharmaceutical companies never really seemed to find a solution for the stubborn and annoying redness that first plague Rosacea sufferers.

Just the other day, Allergan, the makers of Botox created a topical treatment called Rhofade that is JUST for redness as opposed to the other symptoms of Rosacea. Rhofade works by constricting the blood vessels in the first place so that you won’t suffer from a flushed face. Having gone through two clinical trials, it found that adults using the cream once a day had visibly reduced redness in a 12-hour period and by day 29, there was in fact overall improvement of the redness – meaning the cream continued to diminish the redness overtime.

So if you suffer from the beginning stages of Rosacea – that redness that pops up out of no where, talk to your doc about Rhofade! Folks are saying it’s representing a new frontier when it comes to treating Rosacea.

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