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The Inversion Method For Better Skin

This morning as I’m waiting on our landlord to show up to check out our water heater (god love him, his definition of ‘morning’ is a little different than mine), I thought I’d go into the depths of the internet to see how I can grow my hair faster. For about 2 years, I’ve had my hair really short, well it was probably short before I ever got to Tucson now that I think about it, but I’m kind of tired of short hair. Sure, it’s easy to maintain, but there’s this part of me that wants long flowing locks that I can throw up in a pony tail or actually take the time to do it before I go out by way of a curling iron 😉 It’s been soooo long since a curling iron would add any benefit to these locks, hell even a straightener has been a moot point until recently. But anyways, as I went deeper and deeper into the dark web, well not really, but you know what I mean…. you spend hours searching and all the sudden realize you’ve just spent WAY too long watching YouTube videos! Gah! But anyways, that was me on this fine morning as I listen to our neighbors dog bark (they’re hard of hearing I suppose, but he’s well taken care of, don’t worry), I came across the ‘inversion method’ for hair growth.

What is the inversion method you ask? It’s basically this – super easy

  • Sit on a chair & massage your scalp for 2-5 minutes
  • Tilt your head over
  • Set your timer for 5 minutes
  • Slowly rise back up
  • Do this for 7 days, once a month

And that’s it. Apparently your hair grows a whopping INCH in as little as 7 days. I read soooo many blogs and watched so many YouTube videos and everyone had unbelievable results!!! It was wild! (Just Google or YouTube it!) Have you guys heard of it!? Some folks suggest using hair oil (sometimes warm), but I just went au natural in hopes for the same results. I’m on day 1, but hey, maybe it’ll work. What could it hurt!?

Safety Note – Please, please be careful when trying this. If you suffer from high blood pressure, inner ear gunk, on your menstrual cycle, etc., it may be unsafe. It’s super important that you get up slowly and if you feel dizzy, stay seated. We can’t have you running into a wall or collapsing because of Cheeky – THANKSSS!

It was then when I went into the bathroom to fix my hair from being upside down for 5 minutes, I realized my skin was looking rosy & fresh and maybe a little lifted! Hmmmm I thought! I wonder if this inversion method for your hair could been effecting your skin in the same sense. I mean hair is basically keratin and dead skin cells! When you do the inversion method for hair growth, it in general terms sends all your body’s nutrients & blood flow to your scalp causing your hair to be like, ‘Thanks, love you, I’ll grow’. Could it do the same for your facial skin?

In my research, the main conclusion was doing the inversion method for skincare is like giving your face a natural boost of oxygen. That extra boost of oxygen and nutrients can give skin a temporary, natural face lift by opposing the effects of gravity! And not only that, but inversions may also bring blood back to the heart more quickly than before, thus improving circulation and the elimination of toxins. And all that equals better, glowing skin!

Well what do you know! It’s a real thing for your beautiful face. If you’re ready to get into this like I am, there are actually countless benefits to putting your head upside down… and in fact, many articles I read recommend doing an actual headstand once a day. I was rather shocked by how many benefits you can get from a simple headstand – My sweet sweet grandpa would do a headstand every day for YEARS & he was in amazing shape!!! I should have followed suit sooner.

  • Natural facelift – we went over that!
  • Decreasing the onset of gray hairs
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Increased oxygen to the brain
  • Natural flush of the adrenal glands which can actually help with depression
  • Improved circulation
  • Headstands increase digestive flames and increase your body heat. The intestines are cleansed by reversing the pull of gravity, while releasing congested blood in the colon.
  • Headstands strengthen your core
  • Plus so much more!

I’ve set a reminder for the rest of this week to invert myself! Cannot wait. Better skin and longer hair? What more could we ask for 😉 Plus it’s FREE!

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