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IRL Instagram Filter Cream

IRL = in real life, for those acronym challenged 😉 Oh my god and speaking of acronyms, poor bear is in the Air Force & I swear… the military has so many damn acronyms. It’s like he is speaking in code half the time. To mess with him, I throw out acronyms that don’t exist just to make myself feel better! He rarely falls for it… smarty pants. Just for the hell of it, here are common US Govt. acronyms just so you can see what I’m dealing with!

But anyways, I digress like I usually do! But it’s fun to get off topic!

Back to the ‘in real life’ bit… Which is pretty much the opposite of Instagram where filters are half the reason why Instagram is so successful. And don’t worry, I ain’t hating, they’ve got soooo many filters that can make me look like a fairy princess one minute and then a bunny the next. I love it. But like many other social media sites, you see all these perfectly faced people without a blemish in sight and you have to believe that a filter is helping them out just a little. But like we said, that’s a-okay with us, but what about those of us who want that ‘Instagram filter’ look in real life.

That’s where this popular Korean skincare product comes into play! If you’re off the makeup train, don’t prefer makeup, want that ‘blurred’ look, want your pores to appear smaller, skin be looking dull, needing that lovely summer glow back in your life, plus soooo much more, then you may want to consider Son & Park Beauty Filter Cream Glow. Son & Park is best known for their crazy popular Beauty Water which we love and have used in the past (I said past because I haven’t been doing the Korean 10-step skincare routine as of late)

According to Son & Park, they’ve ‘created a lightweight base cream that’s packed with flower extracts you’ll love, including lily, rose, and jasmine. This whipped cream contains pearl to illuminate the complexion and rosa damascena flower to help control sebum production. After using the filter cream, your skin will look brighter, smoother, and more even, as if you actually put a real life filter on it.’

How to use – 

As the last step of your skin care routine before applying foundation of BB cream, scoop a small amount and gently pat in the formula evenly over your face until absorbed.

Ingredient list – 

  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E brighten and condition skin
  • 8 kinds of white flowers for tone up properties: – Freesia, Lilium candidum, Edelweiss, Iris, Lotus, Daffodil & the ever lovely White rose

Check out some of these beauties using Beauty Filter Cream Glow – left (before), right (after) – images compliments of Soko Glam

For that instagram polished look, here are a couple application tips & tricks – 

  • Considering adding another layer of cream on areas where you would normally highlight, like your C-zone, & nose bridge after you would put on BB cream or foundation.
  • Mix it in with a BB or CC cream.

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