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Is There Such a Thing As the ‘Geisha Effect’ In Skincare?

Inspired by: Geisha Effect: Asian Skincare Shakes Up the U.S. Beauty Market

Would you be surprised if I told you that skincare sales in the US have risen by 15% over the last year and it’s being led by Japanese & Korean-inspired products? And even more shockingly, at least to me, makeup has only increased by 3%. We’ve always been firm believers of spending more effort and money towards skincare, because when you get it right, you’ll need less of that makeup! That’s the goal, right?  So when we were reading the original article, I have to admit that this proudly surprised us.

No longer is it just about the Clinique’s of the world – you know those cosmetic giants that rule the roost. It’s now about this newcomers like Drunk Elephant and Tatcha who are expanding into new markets and creating a brand that’s brand new to the skincare world. And you’ll find that a lot of times, the Drunk Elephant’s of the world didn’t mean to become a sensation, but they spend the time, money, research & customer service to get it right and that’s what consumers want.

This article introduced Ms. Tsai who came up with the idea for Tatcha on a trip to Tokyo, where a friend of hers introduced her to blotting papers & other products used by geisha. She found that the products she was introduced to, ended up curing her case of acute dermatitis & that was when she realized it was time to bring that to the states. That’s when she started Tatcha which phonetically translates to ‘standing flower’. < We like that!

What is a Geisha? According to ‘How Stuff Works’ – A geisha is a woman highly trained in the arts of music, dance and entertaining. Geisha is Japanese for “person of art.” She spends many years learning to play various musical instruments, sing, dance and be the perfect hostess in a party of men. A geisha, when she is working, is just that: the illusion of female perfection.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing in the beginning. She received a lot of push back & no’s & it wasn’t until the wave of Korean beauty products hit, did she see her business take off. According to the article, J-beauty sales grew by 19% and K-beauty sales increased by 39% from January to September of last year, surpassing the broader skin-care category’s rate of 16%, according to NPD. Among J-beauty brands in the U.S. market, Tatcha is ranked second after Japan’s Shiseido Co.Ltd., which is now growing rapidly in the U.S. more than 50 years after it entered the market. In fact, I remember my mom using Shiseido when we were younger & it was considered a ‘gamble’ of purchase because we hadn’t heard much about it.

Among the cosmetics giants, Estée Lauder has been launching and upgrading products under its Clinique line. It also invested in popular skin-care brands like Dr. Jart+, a Korean business known for facial masks. Procter & Gamble Co. said its Japanese brand SK-II posted double-digit growth last quarter. I actually didn’t know that SK-II was owned by P&G. Having grown up in Cincinnati where P&G is headquartered, I tend to be knowledgeable about their specific skincare sectors. This one slipped by me. Interesting!

So to answer our blog’s literal question, there is actually a geisha effect going on in a sense when it comes to our skin. And it’s not just for women… men too are taking part in this trend. Have you tried K-beauty or J-beauty brands that you love? With our prediction about 2019 being the year of ‘simple skincare routines’, we really think that the geisha skincare movement will seamlessly slide right on it and we think it’s here to stay! Well, until the next big thing comes along!

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