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Katie Skinner, Rodan + Fields – An Interview

We are so honored to be sharing with you this interview with Katie Skinner.  Ms. Skinner is a Rodan + Fields consultant with a love for skincare and seeing people happy!  We asked her to sit down with us so that we can learn more about Rodan + Fields products as we’re pretty sure you’ve at least heard of them. We thoroughly enjoyed talking to this breath of fresh air with beautiful skin and an equally beautiful attitude & personality!

Read on to see how Rodan + Fields may just be the PERFECT skincare line for you.

For the first 10 people to email Ms. Skinner, she will send you a FREE mini facial kit which includes samples of the micro-dermabrasion paste, night renewing serum & lip renewing serum! 

25d26970490e008555c2f9f93e856164 If you’re interested in learning more about Katie & the products she represents, you can visit her website! You can even order online which is amazing!

‘Thank you Cheekdscn0091_1683f44710524f1dac853c91c8689654y Complexion for allowing me to tell you a little more about Rodan + Fields! It is a business I am so excited to be a part of and I can’t wait to share these amazing products with you!’ – Katie Skinner

Tell us a little about Rodan + Fields, the creators of Proactiv.

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are two Stanford-trained dermatologists who created the world famous Proactiv (Ever heard of it? :)) What most people don’t know is that these two are not only business partners, but best friends!  After they sold their rights to Proactiv, they went back into business together to create an entirely new company, their namesake brand, Rodan + Fields.  R+F addresses the four main skin concerns: Wrinkles and fine lines, sun damage and discoloration, acne, and sensitive skin.

A little background info: Rodan + Fields was the #1 best-selling clinical skincare line in Nordstrom when the Doctors made the decision to pull their product from department stores. They realized their business was flourishing because customers were loving their results and telling their friends about it. It was not due to advertising, nor the high-end department stores. Their business was so successful because of word-of-mouth. Today, Rodan + Fields sells more in one MONTH than it did in ONE YEAR in Nordstrom. R+F is now the fastest growing premium skincare company in the U.S.! Even with all the success from Proactiv and R+F, Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields still practice dermatology in their San Francisco office. There is a two year wait period to be seen by these Doctors! Skincare is truly their passion.

Tell us about you and what you do for Rodan + Fields.

I am a Rodan + Fields consultant. Meaning, I wash my face and talk about it! I don’t keep inventory or have “parties”. I use the products and tell my family and friends about it. It is so fun and easy! I do not consider myself a salesperson at all. The best part about this business opportunity is that you can work as little or as much as you want to! You can decide if you want to make $200, $500, or $1,000+ a month! You are your own boss. In fact, I think it works best for busy people! I can work when my son takes a nap, etc. I work from my phone!

How did you get started selling Rodan + Fields?

I have always loved skincare and trying new skincare products. For years, I was looking for that ‘perfect’ skincare routine. I started noticing some acquaintances of mine post on Facebook about Rodan + Fields. I was intrigued for several reasons. 1. These friends were highly educated and respectable. I knew they wouldn’t have joined this company if it wasn’t legit. 2. The fact that it was the same two doctors who created Proactiv caught my attention. They clearly know what they’re doing! 3. The before and after photos blew me away. I have my own skin concerns and it got me so excited to see these real life results. Some of the results were from people I actually knew! And they looked amazing. I started watching one of my friend’s posts and I knew I wanted more information. So, I got the facts. I attended some Rodan + Fields events with her, and yes, I even brought my hubby along to one of them. I couldn’t get enough of it! I researched this company like crazy. It took me almost a year to say yes, and I am so glad I did! I saw it as an amazing business opportunity. As a teacher, I knew a little extra cash wouldn’t hurt. Plus, I knew one day I would be staying at home with my son (I am now) and I am so glad I have my little side biz. Better skin + extra money is a win-win!

Why did you choose Rodan + Fields to represent? What values do you consider most important when selling their products? 

I loved the idea that R+F was created by Doctors and their philosophy of using Multi-Med Therapy with a regimen approach for all skin types. R+F products contain a crazy amount of peptides, which are key for anti-aging. R+F has a really awesome product, Acute Care, which can fill wrinkles while you sleep! It contains Liquid Cone Technology that melts into your expression lines! It looks like a tooth whitening strip for your face. And, what really sold me is that R+F offers a 60 day satisfaction, money back guarantee!

What would you tell our readers when it comes to Rodan + Fields? Would you recommend a base of products that will help improve most people’s skin problems?  Do you like to focus your efforts on ‘problem areas’ per individual?

It is never too early or too late to invest in your skin! The best part is R+F has a product for every skin concern. You want to start with your most problematic area. For example, if you battle both acne and fine lines & wrinkles, start with getting rid of your biggest problem (acne) first. I would recommend using the Rodan + Fields Solution Tool to help find the best solution for your personalized skincare needs.

What are your top selling products? (& what are they used for)

R+F has four main regimens: SOOTHE is for sensitive skin, UNBLEMISH is for acne, REVERSE is for sun damage (brown spots, dullness and discoloration) and REDEFINE is for the appearance of lines, pores and loss of firmness. These four regimens all contain a wash, toner, and treatment. I always recommend using the full regimen instead of buying these products individually to get the best results. Each regimen will last for 60 days. Some of my favorite stand-alone products are the Multi-Function Eye Cream and Micro-Dermabrasion Paste. The Micro-Dermabrasion Paste will exfoliate your skin and it will feel BABY SOFT! It is a sugar & salt scrub with Vitamin C & E. These two products will last you months!!

I worry most about my dark pigmentation and under eye wrinkles… what products do you recommend?

I would definitely recommend the REVERSE regimen paired with the Multi-Function Eye Cream. The Reverse regimen will help with the appearance of premature aging, brown spots, dullness and discoloration. It will brighten up your complexion while also fighting fine lines and wrinkles. Reverse is a very popular regimen this time of year when you want to get rid of sun damage from the summer months!

What is the average price of your products? How much can customers expect to spend?

Our regimens retail from $170 to $199 for a 60 day use. Although that can seem like a lot, remember each regimen contains 4-5 products. There are also ways to save! You can become a Preferred Customer and always receive 10% discount and free shipping. I like to offer “specials” too!

Can Rodan + Fields customers expect to see results within a certain time frame after using their products? 

Our customers should see results within 60 days. (I personally saw results in two weeks). If you haven’t seen the results you are hoping for within 60 days, you can send your EMPTY bottles back for a full refund. One important thing to remember though is you have had your skin your whole life. Do not give up on it after two months! It is so important to keep up with a great skin regimen everyday.

What products do you recommend per age group (if any)? 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50, 60’s and beyond….

Our products are great with any age! There is a product for anyone and everyone. Our SOOTHE products can even be used on babies! My best advice is to use the R+F Solution Tool to see what is best for you, and I am also available to help guide you toward the products best for you.

Rodan + Fields seems to be mainly aimed at women’s skincare… is that true? Are your products catered to men as well?

R+F is both for men and women! In fact, R+F has something called “Beyond the Shave” that is geared toward men. Beyond the Shave contains three products that help alleviate skin irritation. It is Step 1 in UNBLEMISH (wash), Step 2 in SOOTHE and Step 3 in REDEFINE. My hubby loves it!

What would you tell to those aging men and women… any advice?!

Invest in your skin! It is not too late (or early) to start. I would love to help you get started and help you find the best products for you to try. With a 60 day, money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose! (Except a wrinkle or two:))

Don’t forget! You can order R+F products through Ms. Skinner’s website

If you are interested in becoming a R+F consultant, you can use this website


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