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Botox for your face

Less Wrinkles, Yes Please!

Are you in the market for less wrinkles but have absolutely no idea how to address the problem areas?  Then we have just the suggestion……. Drum roll please……… BOTOX! We’re sure you’ve heard of it…It’s that stuff that prevents you from showing any emotion.  You’ve heard those jokes right!?


In all seriousness, it can really help you rid of wrinkles & even slow down the aging process. If done properly and with a trusted group of ‘Boticians’ – made that word up, you can look beautiful AND show emotions.

Clostridium botulinum, the organism from which Botox (FDA approved btw) is derived, is found in inactive form in nature – including in the forest, soils, and in the bottom guck of untreated waterways. Botox itself is basically a toxin (sounds super crazy, bear with me and keep reading) that is used medically to remove wrinkles by temporary paralyzing the muscles.

  • Botox is the MOST popular cosmetic surgery treatment with more than 6 million Botox treatments administered each year.
  • Botox can also be used to treat migraines, excessive sweating, muscular disorders & even bladder and bowel issues – who know!? Did you know that?!
  • A study came out saying Botox is even helping with depression… check out the NYT article.

I started getting Botox when I was 19 and have kept it up ever since.  In a way, I’m using it as a preventative measure but also because it makes me feel good and look my best. The price of Botox ranges anywhere from $8-$13 per unit and lasts anywhere from 1-5 months depending on where you’re getting it.  Some may disagree that it lasts longer than a month, but I get it around my crow’s feet and because I’m smiling so much (Elf reference: Smiling’s my favorite), it doesn’t tend to last as long in those spots. A common question I get is ‘how many units of Botox do you need in one area?’  Below is a list of typical areas and the average amount of CC’s that are needed:

Eyebrow lift – 2 to 5 units

Forehead lines – 10 to 30 units (I get about 20)

Frown lines (the 11 on your forehead) – 10 to 25 units (I get about 15-18)

Crow’s feet – 5 to 15 units (I get about 3 on each eye)

Smile lift (corners of your mouth) 3 to 6 units

It typically takes 7-15 days for the effects to be noticeable.

**Quick note… if you go to a plastic surgeons office, it will be astronomically more expensive than if you go to your local skin care boutique.  They typically charge a set cost per area and for younger folks, that’s not always necessary to have that many CC’s. (thank you, K.B. for reminding us to add this, we had forgotten to mention it)

The more often you go, the less often you need it.  Hence the preventative measure part.  I go about every 5 months and spend about $200-350 – be SURE to sign up for Brilliant Distinctions – it’s a GREAT program that gives you cash money towards your next treatment. If you’re on the fence or your husband/wife is saying you don’t need it (I get a lot of folks saying that) but you want it, holler at your girl! I’d be happy to talk with you about what to expect and all that jazz.

Be sure to consult your doctor & seek medical advice outside of this blog.

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