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Liquid Nitrogen For Sunspots (Cryosurgery)

UPDATED! See the newest image below!

{Okay… so little disclaimer… I’m a little embarrassed at myself for not putting two and two together with my dark spots and using liquid nitrogen, but hey… we’re all learning right!? So I don’t sound completely incompetent, I do know of folks who have had cancerous sunspots or warts removed with liquid nitrogen, but I really thought it was for only raised spots & warts… I really didn’t know it could target flat, pigmented skin.}

Now we can proceed….So I go to dermatologists all the time, but they typically are cosmetic type derms, the kind that do chemical peels, laser treatments, etc. However, this time I went to a dermatologist that is old-school and gives you like dove soap bars as a sample when you leave.. you know the kind! Just no fuss, writes you a script and you’re outta there. So when I was sitting down with Dr. Epstein, I casually mentioned my sunspots from my melasma… and he responds rather confidently, let’s try liquid nitrogen on a TEENY TINY spot to see if it works and then we can target the dark areas on your face. So I’m like ‘yeah yeah yeah… I’ve heard it all before.. this will work, that will work’…. and I do really like the Cosmelan treatment but it’s expensive and to have to do it twice a year, was just such a buzz kill. So I told the doc, ‘sure, couldn’t hurt!’ and he sprayed away! He sent me off with my dove soap bars and I made an appointment for 6 weeks out.

The next day I realize the spot on my face is a black-ish color and thought to myself, ‘hm I guess it’s scabbing, interesting’ & went about my weekend. Then a week later, the scab falls off and what do you know…. the teeny tiny spot he treated is a soft pink color and the dark spot is MIA! WHAT!? I thought two things… ‘Would have LOVED for someone to mention this $10,000 ago…..’ and ‘Is this a mirage, am I really seeing that that dark spot is gone’….I mean I do live in the desert. Freak out mode ensued.

I took a pic shortly after and as you can see, that teeny tiny spot that’s a soft pink is where the liquid nitrogen was sprayed. No more dark spot! MIND BLOWN! This was the first treatment that completely removed a spot… all the other ones, yes I still love the ones I recommend, caused a lightening & not an entire removal of the pigmented area…..I realize that this is a TINY spot on my face, but I can only hope that it does just that with each future treatment and each future spot.

Okay, so now that we’re all on the same page & I’m back down from my liquid nitrogen high, let’s talk about how liquid nitrogen helps rid of dark spots & age spots.

Dark spots & age spots, on your face & body are removed by freezing the affected areas through a localized frostbite approach, often referred to as cryosurgery. A description by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery states that “Cryosurgery fades age spots by freezing them with a liquid nitrogen solution (aka cryogen), causing the darkened skin to peel away from the body”. Freezing at an extremely low temperature destroys pigmented cells. This damage to the skin cells results in redness, puffiness and often blistering of the area. When the sore heals, the original skin lesion is no longer present & is now replaced with new skin. Seems so darn simple right!? Still shocked I hadn’t thought of this, nor had anyone in 3 different states recommended such a seemingly easy treatment….

There are a few side effects I should warn you about, so please talk to your doc to see if this is the right treatment for you.

  • White spots in the areas that have been treated – but hell, to me, that’s way better than dark spots
  • Infection
  • Hair loss in the area treated
  • Nerve damage that could last for a few months

If you’re interested in this procedure, it’s really quick & fairly painless – I didn’t have a numbing cream. They spray the area, as close on top of the dark spots as they can and you feel a little burning. Then it blisters slightly, and you’ll notice the next day that the spot darkens – it’s almost black. Make sure to not pick at it and I used plenty of ointment to ensure it would heal properly. Overtime, the scab that has now formed will fall off. The skin will be slightly pinkish for a little while, a couple weeks & then it is to return back to your skin color! The whole healing process takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks and you will certainly notice that your skin will continue to heal as time goes on. PLEASE stay out of the sun during the healing process or your dark spots will come back just the way they were. Wear a hat, glob on sunscreen, don’t go to your kid’s outdoor soccer game or meet your friend for a hike! Just don’t do it! I have 2 dark spots on my face from doing JUST THAT after a chemical peel and it has emptied my pockets – it’s just not worth it! And yes, I had a hat on, sunscreen, the whole 9 yards…. but I went outside in sunny Florida & those rays are strong!

I’ve been reading a little bit about Cryopen which really does a very similar job on dark spots and warts as the old liquid nitrogen spray bottle that my dermatologist used on me – it’s got a little better precision. At my docs, the spot treatment cost a whopping $7 (though it was free for the test spot)…. I couldn’t quite find what the cost is for the Cyropen treatment, but I would have to imagine a lot more. If you happen to know, I’d love to be able to share it with other Cheeky’s please!

Otherwise, I hope you’re excited and mind blown like I was… and I really want this to be used as an alternative to EXTREMELY costly treatments that are out there. I’ll keep you in the loop when I go back on June 14th, but until then… I’ll stay happy!


So because I’m impatient, I got an appointment earlier than June 14th and OMG the spot is GONE!!!!! It was still in the healing phase here so slightly pink (it’s still a little pinkish but OMG so much improvement)

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