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Men’s Skincare Is Catching Up

Article inspired by Forbes.com

According to Forbes.com, “Worldwide, the skincare market is projected to increase from last year’s $134.5 billion to over $180 billion by 2024. Men’s grooming is paltry in comparison — $57.7 billion in 2017 — but similarly on the rise, expected to reach $78.6 billion by 2023.”

It was the other day when I asked poobear if he would be my guinea pig for facials and such when I started medical esthetician school. He promptly responded that he was proud of already having his skincare routine down pat 😉 I guess he doesn’t want my help LOL but in all actuality, I think it would be torture for his personality type to lie down for an hour and have his face massaged. But that’s him. Whereas there are others and many of our male Cheeky’s who would adore it if I asked them to be a skin guinea pig (or at least I hope… can’t flatter myself too much!). While I love my husband dearly, he may not be my best guinea pig but it got me thinking about how hard skincare can be for men. In all of my research, it references women 99% of the time. I RARELY see a before and after of a male skincare participant, no matter how high and far I search. So when I saw this article on Forbes.com highlighting a men’s skincare brand we know and love, I felt it was just the perfect time for Cheeky to highlight it too.

In the article, it stated, “A 2017 survey among US consumers found that while 65% of women report using skincare products daily, only 37% of men are doing the same. “Solving for guys’ specific skin needs is actually far less challenging than encouraging them to engage in a category they’ve been led to believe is not necessarily for them.”

This absolutely reminds me of the countless military men (poobear is in the Air Force) I’ve seen who struggle terribly with acne. In my mind, I’m thinking, you literally have FREE healthcare where you could get it taken care of. And while not everyone is at that stage in the game (it can take people time to come around, finances or maybe it truly doesn’t bother them and we’re not here to criticize) but whenever I reference them or think of their beautiful faces, I have to think that a part of them isn’t going because men are not encouraged to address their skin woes. That’s a real shame. And same goes with all our thousands of double standards here in America and beyond, so it’s just another ‘project’ we gotta take in to get EVERYONE included. Skin is skin… no matter gender, color, etc. Sure, tweaks can be beneficial here and there, but we all want beautiful skin.

This brings me to a company solely dedicated to men’s skincare and their making actual waves and advances that we haven’t seen all too often. For instance, they have a new face mask out… I can’t think of any male skincare line who has a face mask, can you? Maybe I’m having a brain fart, but it’s been a hot minute at the very least.

Founded in 2013, Harry’s roots started in men’s razors and shave products, with a variety of skincare products to compliment the shave routine. Including their new mask I referenced above that’s in collaboration with Heyday, a company I’m on their mailing list for that’s located in NYC (and more recently LA). I love their whole vibe. In fact, Heyday reported that their customer base is more male than female so this collab seems absolutely perfect.

Harry’s believes that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to the products you use, so theirs are designed to be highly effective and convenient to use. With more than 600 engineers, designers, craftsmen, and chemists on their bench, that allows them access to the finest products, materials and ingredients!

If the Harry’s brand speaks to you, we thought we’d touch upon our favorite products in each of their categories. Save ya the time 😉

Favorite Harry Products


Deluxe Travel Kit

  • ‘Packed with all your shaving essentials, in TSA-friendly sizes:
    • Truman handle featuring a weighted core and textured rubber grip
    • Travel-size Shave Gel for a rich lather
    • Travel cover to protect your blades
    • Soothing Post-Shave Balm
  • Choose between two Body Wash scents: 
    • Shiso: Refreshing bright herbs
    • Fig: Energizing fruits and spices’

Facial Care

Detoxifying Face Mask

  • ‘A blend of clays clears the congestion that can clog your pores.
  • Two types of exfoliants: finely ground walnut (the kind you can see) and skin-smoothing acids (the kind you can’t).
  • Barley seed extract helps soothe the skin so there’s nothing standing in the way of your newly bright complexion.’


Body Wash


The Winston

  • ‘5 German blades. Flex hinge. Lubricating strip. Precision trimmer. Everything you need for a close, comfortable shave: sharp, durable blades, a flex hinge, a lubricating strip, and a precision trimmer for your sideburns and hard-to-reach places like under your nose.
  • The ergonomic body is made of die-cast zinc and polished chrome for a handsome finish and a rubberized grip for optimal control. For a more personalized experience, get it engraved.’

Images and some information provided by Harry’s

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