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Men’s Top Skincare Lines

Men’s skincare lines have been making quite an entrance as of late.  It has often irritated us how the health of men’s skin has been put on the back burner while women’s skincare lines have flourished.  Though men are clearly able to use skincare products mainly target towards women, men’s skin has other special needs that many women’s lines don’t target. With the help of major brand’s, men now have a fair chance of aging just as gracefully as women. Check out these top brands to help give men’s skin a fresh glow:

Clinique for Men – coined ‘Simple. Smart. Straightforward.

Clinique for Men offers a variety of skin saving products including those to help with shaving, overall skin tone, oiliness, hydration and even skin color with their Clinique for Men Face Bronzer. Here are some of their top selling products to get you on your way to fresher skin –

Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel – cooling roll on that helps with underye puffiness and dark circles.  It hydrates and brightens tired-looking skin.

Face Bronzer – (98% would recommend this product to a friend) it’s recommended that you mix this product with your current face lotion for a perfect, natural tan.

Charcoal Face Wash – this detoxifying gel delivers a deep pore clean. Charcoal naturally draws out dirt and oil that can clog pores.  This non-drying gel, gently lifts away any impurities leaving skin fresh and comfy!

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Shiseido Men – 

Shiseido is a Japanese multinational personal care company that focuses on skincare, hair care and cosmetics. In fact, they are the oldest cosmetics company in the world.  Shiseido has focused mainly on women’s products for decades and just recently introduced Shiseido Men. Here are some of their top selling products to get you on your way to fresher skin –

Total Revitalizer – ‘this multi-benefit cream helps accelerate skin’s ability to defy dryness, dullness, fine lines and other visible signs of aging.’ It helps to preserve skin’s moisture levels for 24 hours! Non-comedogenic and dermatologist tested. Check out another blogger’s review of the product.

Deep Cleansing Scrub – (earned a 5-star rating) this scrub rids of roughness, dull surface cells and blackheads.  Leaves your previously dull skin looking energized.

ClarinsMen – coined ‘Man Made’ (clever!)

ClarinsMen products boasts an extensive line of skincare products formulated with some of nature’s finest ingredients like white tea, bison grass, galanga, and alpine sea holly just to name a few. Here are some of their top selling products to get you on your way to fresher skin –

Super Moisture Balm – this product softens, tones and hydrates while protecting skin from pollution with their patented anti-pollution complex.

Line-Control Cream – tighten up your skin with their line-fighting cream that lifts and firms in all the right places.  This product also includes their patented anti-pollution complex.

Neutrogena Men – coined ‘#RespectYourFace’ (hashtag bitches!)

Neutrogena has been a very affordable product found in stores like Target and Walmart for a long, long time. They developed a line of skincare products formulated for men’s skin which includes helioplex technology, pro-soothe technology and salicyclic acid (which basically helps and prevents future breakouts). Here are some of their top selling products to get you on your way to fresher skin –

Age Fighter Face Moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 15 – clinically proven to reduce the look of lines, wrinkles and sun damage while also hydrating the skin. We like it a lot because it includes sunscreen!

Razor Defense Shave Gel – prevents razor bumps and cuts and also boosts skin’s resistance to razor irritation.  Includes glycerin and protein conditioners to give your skin a smooth feel! Formulated for sensitive skin.

What products are you currently enjoying? Let us know in the comments section below.

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