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Mesoestetic Cosmelan Day By Day

UPDATE: Read our newest blog on how my melasma is 98% gone!

My favorite product on the face of this green earth! If you suffer from dark spots, age spots, pregnancy mask, fine lines and wrinkles, this product right here folks is a miracle product – Mesoestetic Cosmelan.  I’ve written another extensive blog on Mesoestetic Cosemlan (be sure to check out that blog too, it’s got all the facts) but I wanted to document my day by day experience to help others know what to expect.  I will plan on updating this blog with the final results after the 8 or so weeks.  I documented up until day 6 so far and wanted to tell the world about the good, the bad and the ugly during this treatment.

So sit back and relax and let’s take a look at some of these hilarious photos to see what I’ve been experiencing this past week. Spoiler – my day 1 bedhead is out of utter control!

I headed over to my appointment at 11am raring to go! The nurse had me lie down and she used the Degreasing Solution all over my face to ensure that the oils were all off my face (it’s basically just acetone).  She then applied the Cosmelan 1 mask with gloves all over the face (she was a little lighter on the amount than the last doc, so being the bossy britches that I am, went home and added some more to ensure full coverage) which took about 20 minutes.  During that process it began to burn and tingle.  After that, I was up and off.

Day 0 – I have type IV skin, so I left the Cosmelan 1 mask on for 10 hours (the doctor will tell you how long to leave on the mask dependent of your skin type). While the mask was on, I felt a dull burning sensation the whole day which got tiresome.  With 2 hours left, I began to get itchy and tired of having the mask on. At that same time, the mask was drying and starting to flake off. Finally, I was able to take it off and I just wiped it off gently with my fingers and lukewarm water. Applied Cosmelan 2 & Hydra cream as instructed before I went to bed.

A lovely baby poop color (that darkens when combined with your skin’s oils)! I didn’t spot anyone staring at me in the car. Ask your doc to save you some of Cosmelan 1 so you can re-apply it at home 4 weeks later.. not every doc does that (my first doc told me this), but I think it’s crucial! You’ll just do Cosmelan 1 at home and repeat the process. You can even spot treat if you don’t feel like going through the whole darn process again.


This was the AFTER picture from when I did the Cosmelan treatment that last time… Just wanted to get you excited for the results! I have a little makeup on, on my face (blush and bronzer) but I don’t often wear concealer or foundation so you can really see the difference.


Friendly reminder – LATHER UP and I mean LATHER UP on sunscreen! Please, please, please or it will totally ruin your healing!

Day 1 – My face felt tight, somewhat swollen, wrinkly and dry though no obvious redness when I woke (bedhead in full force, like what is going on in this picture!??!?!). I remember the last time I had this done, I experienced a bright red lobster face & more pain, so I’m not quite sure why my skin is ‘taking it so well’ this time vs. last. I also had a hive type rash on my right cheek that hasn’t surfaced this go round. Applied Cosmelan 2, three times with Hydra cream.


Day 2 – The burning on my face woke me up this morning, though not terrible… I still don’t have any redness (for the most part) like I did last time but the peeling has begun around the chin/mouth area, very minimally (which is where it seems to start for every individual from what I’ve read). My face feels really dry & it’s starting to itch but all is good in the hood. I’m looking a little brighter today. I’ve been using SkinMedica TNS Ceramide Cream, in addition to the Hydra cream provided in the kit.  The SkinMedica product is a lifesaver & necessity in my opinion. Applied Cosmelan 2, three times with Hydra cream & Skinmedica.

P.S. If it starts itching too much, use a hydrocortisone topical cream.


Day 3 – The amount of peeling has increased around my mouth area & on my lower nose.  I didn’t take a full-face photo today because there is no change in the overall color & look & ya’ll don’t need to be seeing my caterpillar brows so much ;-).  The burning has subsided. Still no redness.. just dry and itchy (itchy mostly on the places that haven’t peeled yet). Applied Cosmelan 2, three times with Hydra cream & Skinmedica.


Day 4 – The peeling has moved up to the bridge of my nose and you can start to see it on my forehead & cheeks. I continue to be dry and itchy, all over the face & even in spots that have already peeled. Applied Cosmelan 2, three times with Hydra cream & Skinmedica.


Day 5 & 6 – Little to no change so I didn’t think a photo was necessary. I’m still really dry and peeling.  Just when you think the peeling is over on the chin area, it gets worse.  So it’s not like the peeling moves from chin to then cheek… it stays peeling in the same spots, just expands its reach 😉 I’ve definitely noticed an overall lightening of my skin (not drastically or anything) and the spots in general seem to be fading – regardless if that area has peeled or not. I noticed this time and the last time that my upper lip area is the first to lighten… maybe because it’s the first to peel. I mean check out my Day 1 picture compared to the Day 4… it definitely looks lighter. Applied Cosmelan 2, three times with Hydra cream & Skinmedica.

Today my friend Ally said that my skin looked brighter! WINNING!

If you have any questions regarding this treatment, please don’t be afraid to  hit me up!  I also just learned about Triluma – prescription from the docs.  It seems to do the same thing but for $150, rather than $800-$1300.  I am also learning a lot from a gal I’ve been following on her blog lately if you’re interested – Melasma Diaries

UPDATE – 2 weeks post-op (just wearing eye makeup)


UPDATE – second round

4 weeks have passed which means it’s time for another round of the Cosmelan 1 mask that the doc saved for me.  Was outside (underneath an awning, because getting sun is a no-no) doing laundry and wanted to snap a pic… I was having some hormonal acne flare-ups on my chin area so I decided not to irritate it anymore, hence the lack of mask on my chin.


Day 1 – My face felt very irritated and dry this morning and was red, warm and swollen – fabulous ;-).  Applied Cosmelan 2, three times with Hydra cream – though this time I was totally dreading it because my skin is just so tender. I imagine my skin was more tender going into round 2, we’ll see how the peeling goes.  No new peeling to report today.

Day 2 – You can see my face is slightly red (compared to the chest area) & swollen around the jaw line – it seems much more apparent in real life than this picture, but that’s my main observation today.  I’m seeing a lot more peeling this go round on day 2 than during the first Cosmelan 1 mask. Applied Cosmelan 2, three times with Hydra cream. I think you can see that the darkspots are fading and the complexion is clearer (besides my latest breakout on my damn chin).


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