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Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries in 2018

Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular over the years as our loyal Cheeky readers know already, and a new report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) shared just HOW popular they really are. In 2018, there were over 17.7 million cosmetic procedures performed in the US. That includes invasive & noninvasive procedures!

Now, let’s compare that to just the year prior… 2017. We saw an increase of almost a quarter of a mil, which was still at a whopping 17.4 million. According to ASPS, their findings (which we will go into detail later) show that the whole body re-shaping idea is trending, along with breast augmentations and liposuctions. Those same folks also said 2018 is the ‘Year of the Body’. They may be onto something.

While we certainly support natural beauty, we are also very encouraged by the opportunity to ‘fix’ something that is bothering us. I’m all about tweaks if it makes YOU feel better. I’ll never understand why some people bash it… I mean, what’s the difference between Botox and highlights & color at your local hairdresser. It changes your appearance and makes you feel good. What’s so bad about that? I mean sure, we can go crazy and develop an unhealthy relationship with plastic surgery, but if you’re going at it in the right way, we fully support the natural you or the tweaked you. YOU DO YOU!

If general plastic surgery & trends interest you, this article is for you! I thrive on trends & data. While I’m possibly the most INEPT person at basic math, I do find statistical data SO FASCINATING! It gives just a huge picture of what everyone is up to and what we can expect moving forward. I found myself pretty surprised by some of the findings. You may too!

Invasive Surgeries

Breast augmentation was the most popular 

In 2018, there were a total of 313,735 breast augmentations performed! Breast augmentation procedures increased by 4% year after year, according to ASPS.

Liposuction was the second most popular

For some reason, I would have assumed that folks would be trying the other more non-invasive procedures that are on the market when it comes to stubborn fat. But liposuction is still going strong. Liposuction is when a tool literally sucks the fat from the ‘problem’ area. Though remember, cellulite isn’t often solved by liposuction.

‘Nose job’ was the third most popular

This is one I’d love to get. I have a deviated septum and have had 2 surgeries to correct it. While I can breathe MUCH better, my nose is still horribly crooked (first world problems). Sometimes I ‘push’ it into place to pretend it’s straight. I can’t decide if the money would be worth it. I did go in for ‘filler’ to fill in the ‘crooked’ side and I saw vast improvements, so that’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the going rate at what seems like $9,000-$12,000 for a nose job. That seems asinine.

Eyelid surgery was the fourth most popular 

This is another one I’ll look forward to getting as I mature. This one always fascinated me. It makes SUCH a difference in folks who get it. And I know of one or 2 Cheeky’s who have had this to improve their actual sight. Yes, their eyelids were so droopy, they needed medical intervention to see. So this can be for looks or not, but it’s a way to remove the access skin making your eyes appear bigger and lifted.

Tummy tucks were the fifth most popular 

This is where ya remove excess skin from your belly area! It’s performed on a lot of women who have had babes! I think this is a great procedure if you’re self conscious about the excess skin. And yes, yes, your body produced a beautiful child and you’ve earned those scars, but some folks would rather not see it. So, to each your own. You’re beautiful regardless.

Non-invasive Surgeries

Botox was the most popular 

7.4 million Botox procedures took place in 2018 — a 3% increase from 2017. Botox is injected into the skin via a needle, usually around wrinkles in the face or neck. The substance blocks nerve signals in the area it is injected, freezing the muscle in place to prevent movement!

We personally LOVE us some Botox and it really helps us feel fresh! I’ve been getting it since I’ve been 19 and I really think it’s been a good tool to help dissuade wrinkles from performing in the first place. And remember, if this isn’t your thing, I ain’t telling ya to do it. Whatever works, but I personally think it’s awesome.

Fillers were the second most popular 

I’m a big fan of fillers too!

Fillers typically contain hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally occurs in the body and is thought to make the skin look plump and glowing! Dermal fillers allow people to artificially inject the substance into their bodies to create the look of fuller cheeks, pouty lips & less wrinkles (plus a lot more!)

Chemical peels were the third most popular 

This one surprised me a bit…I think chemical peels can be really hit or miss. Maybe because they are ‘affordable’, this is often an approach people take over something like a laser. I dunno… But from my own personal experience & from what I’ve read, chemical peels are never predictable & you can end up with some botched skin. I personally will never do one again. A chemical peel is exactly how it sounds…  it requires a professional to apply the peel, which contains different acids like glycolic acid, retinoic acid, and salicylic acid. Then overtime, your skin sloughs off revealing new, younger, clearer looking skin.

Laser hair removal was the fourth most popular 

I wish our culture didn’t have such a weirdness with body hair cause lord knows I’ve got tons of it & the two laser hair removal treatments that I’ve had, have not worked (12 total treatments). So I’m back to the razor & even more so…..! Gah. IPL and laser hair removal are both long-term procedures for reducing hair growth. They work in similar ways, and can both be very effective, dependent on your personal needs.

This works for TONS of people, so do your research and see if it’s right for you! My dark hair is apparently immune 😉 #eyeroll

A Guide: Read This Before Considering At-Home Hair Laser Treatment

Microdermabrasion was the fifth most popular

The procedure uses a VERY fine sand blaster tool with a diamond tip to exfoliate the top layer of the skin, usually on the face. Our sister-in-law just shared that she’s been doing this and is LOVING it. We’re so glad for her. Keep after it, C. This treatment is most often used to help treat scars, sun damage & general discoloration. It’s one of the most non-invasive treatments on the market that can yield great results.

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