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This past week, I’ve had 4 Cheeky’s email me asking for tailored skin recommendations for their specific needs! I’m so utterly honored to be given that opportunity! Having you entrust me with your skin & skincare routine is the highest honor for me as Cheeky Complexion founder. I wanted to make sure that the Cheeky community knew that is something that I offer & thoroughly enjoying doing. If you have a skin concern or just an overall aging concern, please please please contact us directly & we will come back with a plan for success!

And just in case a Cheeky has a similar concern to you that I’ve already helped, here are some email correspondences I’ve had as of late – main concerns included: 

Female, late 20’s with oily skin – local Tucsonian
Main concern – dull looking


For cleanser ($20)... As a general rule, for oily skin, you will benefit most from a foamy cleanser (folks with dry skin wouldn’t). If you’re happy with your Clarisonic cleanser at the moment, no pressure on this recommendation because I’m sure they’re making a quality product
I really like the Avene brand. Their cleansing foam is clinically proven to reduce oil on the skin by 54% on first application. They also received the Best Of Beauty award by Allure as of late.
For moisturizer ($27)….I always swore by Oil of Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting (if that’s the one you use now) until this nurse about fell out of her chair because they use parabens now (I rolled my eyes at her secretly lol)…. so though I think it’s super great, if you’re wanting to avoid that specific ingredient, I would recommend getting on the moisturizing ‘gel’ train – specifically Clinique Moisturizing Gel… The moisturizer I use now is a gel and it moisturizes but also leaves a barrier on top the skin to protect you from the elements. (Visao Hydrorestor that I can only get at my docs office, Tucson Cosmetics)
As for the skincare routine recommendations.. here’s what I think could benefit you…. in this order (5 minutes in-between each application – I usually try to apply the glycolic acid, then brush my teeth, then add the vitamin oil, then feed the cat, blah blah… you just mix it into your routine – the purpose of this is to let each product properly soak into your skin)
  1. Cleanser (morning and night)
  2. AdditionGlycolic Acid – this will help you with skin tone & overall dullness $90 (start with 1-2 times a week and then build up to using every morning and night)
  3. Addition – Vitamin E Oil – this will help you with skin tone and any dark spots you have $54 (I’m in love with this stuff, really does brighten your skin) (use morning and night)
  4. Addition Retinoid SkinMedica .5 Retinol $78 (start with 1-2 times a week and then build up to using every night)
  5. Moisturizer (morning and night)
  6. Addition – Sunscreen – make sure you’re using one that’s broad spectrum & one that has zinc in it… I use Revision Intellishade that I love – it’s got a color tint to it so you don’t need to wear any makeup if you didn’t want to. I got this from Mountain View Dermatology (which is who does some of the skin treatments I’ve had) $40 (morning)
Okay.. then that brings us to treatments… I literally was blown away by the Hydra Facial I got at Mountain View Dermatology…. it is also exfoliating too as I know you’re considering microdermabrasion… it was by far the best medical treatment I’ve had in a hot minute! I plan on getting it monthly (taking my mom with me in a couple weeks) and just making a big effort to budget this in because it was SO WORTH IT! $150

Female, early 30’s with dermatitis – local Tucsonian

Main concern – soothing the dermatitis with a easy to get face wash before she heads to the doctor’s office

Sorry to hear about the dermatitis… to get you through the next couple days & prevent flare-ups hopefully in the future.. here are some good, gentle face washes to consider –
Cetaphil – you can get their regular face wash or one for babies that is clinically proven to help with Dermatitis – http://www.cetaphil.com/baby-eczema-calming-wash/
Be sure to avoid any foaming facial cleansers & bar soap.
As for symptom relief….& hopefully some items you can get rather easily…then I have some dietary recommendations in there too that come recommended via my research.
In my research, it does appear that topical prescription creams may be your best bet, but hopefully the recommendations above can help soothe your current issues you’re having.
Let me know if you have any questions and keep me in the loop about your appt. on Friday!

Female, late 20’s/early 30’s with melasma – local Texan

Main concern – lightening her dark spots

Basics & products…
Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen every day and if you’re out in prolonged periods in the sun, make sure to wear a hat. I would highly recommend using a sunscreen that also protects against heat because melasma gets worse during severe heat.
If you’re on birth control, it may be causing your melasma to be worse… consider an alternative. I recently completely got off mine.
What are you doing in your overall skincare routine? To keep melasma at bay, it’s important that you continually exfoliate your skin, allowing new skin to be created – i.e. Glycol based serums & I really like Glytone Boost Mini Peel twice a week to give me a deeper exfoliation. It’s also great to think about a good vitamin C to apply to your skin every morning and night – this stuff is amazing! I also use Lytera but their new formula and am really loving it – I’ve read that it is supposed to be far superior than their original product so you may want to give that a try. I can’t say for sure, but it’s definitely lightening up my face thus far.
If you’re looking for specific treatments….
Cosmelan is what has helped me the most – I’ve recommended it to a couple women via email who have contacted me… there are definitely differing opinions upon medical professionals but both docs at Tucson Cosmetics & Tampa Faces (where I live now and used to live) have highly recommended it and it does wonders for my skin. – cost is around $800 (so pretty expensive compared to some below)
HydraFacial is known to help with dark spots.. I got this treatment this other day and it was utterly awesome! I noticed an immediate difference in my dark spots & plan to go back every month for treatment – it’s around $125
I would also recommend light chemical peels – VI Precision Peel is one example that is known to really help – do some research online, the before & afters are amazing. I know several women who have had this & saw great results. – I feel like this may be your best bet to start out….Looks like it’s $150-$250 I think this is the treatment Brooke Burke swears by…
My new doc has recommended Clear + Brilliant (cheaper than Cosmelan and seems to do what Cosmelan does) – The results look fantastic – seems about 4-6 treatments is the going rate… not sure of the cost… but the doc said it was cheaper than Cosmelan I remember that
My skin responds best to Kojic acid (which is what is found in Cosmelan, mushroom fungi I believe) so if your doc has a good kojic acid based peel I would definitely recommend that.
I wouldn’t do PRP, IPL or Fraxel… I had a girlfriend spend so much money doing these & didn’t see a difference at all – so I would definitely mark that option off your list. I had a laser treatment back in Florida & it didn’t do diddly squat either, so I wouldn’t go that direction.

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