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Not So Popular Uses for Injectables

While they’re not the most popular ways to use injectables, that doesn’t mean they aren’t the most AMAZING ways!

Injectables are basically chemical substances that are inserted into the skin with a needle to help better support muscles, plump the skin & even lessen the appearance of wrinkles. There are basically two types of injectables – Botox (Botulinum Toxin) and Dermal fillers. 

Botox works by blocking the nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. It basically relaxes and smooths the look of lines and wrinkles caused by repetitiveness movements, most often on the face – more specifically between the brows, crows feet and horizontal forehead creases.

Fillers add volume, alter and contours of the face and fill in wrinkles. Most common areas to inject fillers are in the face (i.e. under the eyes), neck and hands. After fillers are injected, you’ll see a fuller, smoother and more youthful appearance.

Please talk to your doc or skincare provider before considering these FDA approved injectables.

While there are super common uses to injectables that we mentioned above, there are certainly some under the radar ways too!

Plump the earlobes

This has been trending a lot on Instagram. Many folks as they get more beautiful overtime, will notice that their earlobes droop, thin and even get a deep crease. You can consider fillers to prevent future aging and feel more confident. Plus, for women, it can often help further stretching and even ‘shrink’ the now wider pierced hole.

Smooth out wrinkles on the elbows & knees

This is one of those things that occur as you grow wiser. You will notice that your elbows & knees are starting to wrinkle and some folks just aren’t having it. Consider filler to help you feel more confident in your clothes.

Eliminate your gummy smile

If your beautiful smile shows more gum than teeth and that is bothersome to you, consider getting a few injections of Botox. It works by reducing movement in the upper lip by temporarily freezing the muscles that lift the upper lip when smiling, preventing the upper lip from retracting and exposing a large amount of the gums when smiling.

Stronger chin

Some folks would prefer that their chin be more protruding than it currently is. Using fillers to give more depth to your chin can help your face look more symmetrical or just make ya happier! That’s the goal right!?

Add structure to the temples

As you get older, you may start to see there is volume loss in your temples. You’ll start to appear more sunken and hollow in those areas. Fillers can be great way to get that oomfph back into your temples.

Stop eye twitching

I get eye twitching a lot when I’m exhausted! Botox is your best bet when it comes to eye twitches. In fact, I read that Botox was originally created to treat muscles twitching around the eye area.

Diminish the look of cellulite

If you have some areas on your body where you’re just not feeling your cellulite or dimples, fillers can be a perfect way to fill that spot or spots right up!

Alleviate depression

There have been studies performed that show patients with depression who were treated with Botox either got better or went into remission. It is said that when folks can’t make a certain face that they make when they’re down or depressed, their body sends signals to the brain saying, ‘Hey, you haven’t made that frown face in a while, you must be happy’!

Hide those acne scars

If you suffer from acne scars on your beautiful face, consider getting fillers to actually ‘fill’ in the divots that are a result of earlier acne. I’ve known a couple people to do this and they love their results.

Regulate oily skin

Subdermal (under the skin) injection of Botox can help to temporarily treat oily skin and reduce the size of the pores. It works by decreasing the production of sebum that is the main substance that makes our skin appear oily.

TMJ tightness

I grind my teeth all day and all night! It’s such a terrible habit. I remember reading that Bethenny Frankel, Skinny Girl, had botox and filler injected on her face to help soften the angles of the face and also to release tension.

Facial slimming

Botox is used to create a slimmer looking face. Folks would get anywhere between 15-30 injections on the lower cheeks on each side of the face for a slimmer look.

While we think you’re absolutely perfect, there are those of us who like to read about all the possibilities to help them feel & look better. Never ever feel like you need these treatments to look better! We think you’re beautiful just the way you are. WITH and WITHOUT injectables.

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