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Oil of Olay Skin Advisor Tools Tell You Your (Skin’s) Age

My favorite Cheeky, my dad, called me this morning raving about a billboard he saw that featured a new service by Oil of Olay that can tell you how young your skin looks by way of a SELFIE!

First off, it just makes me so proud that my dad is on the lookout for anything skincare related (my mom is right there with him too!) – just warms my heart! And just like you Cheeky’s, I hear from you often, chatting me up about all this new stuff you’ve seen and I LOVE IT! Makes everything worth it and I learn so much from all of you.

But back to this new system by Oil of Olay, it’s called the Oil of Olay Skin Advisor! It got me and Greg especially excited because Oil of Olay is a Proctor & Gamble product & those guys are based in our hometown of Cincinnati – so we were stoked to hear they came out with something that is changing the skincare game! #HometownPride

#CheekyConfidential This website works best on your cell phone!!

Thanks to Olay’s own VizIDTM technology, which, according to the brand is basically just artificial intelligence! It has scanned more than 50,000 faces while creating the tool in order to give us the best accurate age estimate. Not only does it actually tell you the age that you are, but it also provides you with a list of products (Oil of Olay products of course!) that can help improve your skin! Or so they say!

Ready to take the test? But want somebody to test drive it first? I got chu!! Let’s talk about how it went:

  • Basically you start off by taking a selfie (either take the photo right then and there, or have it in your photo gallery already)
  • Then you answer some simple questions like, ‘is your skin oily or dry’, ‘how many products do you use every night’, yada yada!
  • Then the wizardry begins
  • When the calculating is done, you’re given your age!
  • Then you’re given a list of products to consider to help you with your current skin concerns



I’ve taken the test four times, and I received age 26 twice & then 27 twice (I’ll be 31 in March, just so you guys can get a gauge)… I did a couple of things to make the test most authentic, or that was my intention none the less:

  • I used 4 different photos each time to get the most accurate reading
  • I was not wearing makeup in the photos chosen (I was wearing lipstick in the last one)
  • I did not smile
  • Ensured my hair was back in all photos
  • I chose unfiltered photos
  • I used bright lighting in the photos (when you get your results, they darken your face to show you your skin areas of concern, as you see below)

Side note: My hair is growing out and it’s like a flipping mullet, so the bandana in this photo has been my saving grace to endure myself in the mirror each day! I’m sure you totally know what I mean when you’re in the in-between stage!! Lawd!!

Differences in Results – 

  • As mentioned, I received ages 26 & 27 – so different ages, but pretty much the same
  • On two tests,  it told me my ‘Mouth’ area was the ‘Focus Area’ (sides of my mouth)
  • On the other two tests, it told me my ‘Under Eyes’ were the ‘Focus Area’

Other than that, it was pretty ‘accurate’!

What Did I Think – 

Hey, if it says I look 26 or 27, that’s great! But if it told me 35, that’d be great too! Though the artificial intelligence is REALLY flipping cool, I think it’s important that we don’t put all our trust into the result and just continue to take care of our skin. My point is, don’t let it ruin your day if it says you’re a few years older than you really are! I will say, that my eye area has been my number one focus area as of late.. Remember I did the PRP injections? So hey, maybe they’ve got a point!

Let me know when you take it! What did you think? Were they close to your age? Let us know in the comment’s section below.

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