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Ostrich Egg Yolk-Infused Skincare Hits U.S.

(it’s all humane, for those folks worried)

And just when you thought you’ve heard it all 😉 YASSSS!!!!!

But let’s get serious – nothing should surprise us anymore when it comes to skincare. Skincare is the biggest segment in the beauty industry with its global sales expected to cross $130 billion by 2019, according to Forbes. It’s a gigantic market that requires each beauty brand to get more and more creative! Not only creative, but the brands that want to stick around for years to come, have to deliver results that will work.

And noticed we said ‘global sales’…Similar to Korean skincare, Japanese skincare is hugely successful! Japanese skincare is one we haven’t talked so much about before & I’m still learning too. Before we dive into good old ostrich eggs, which are brought to us by Japanese skincare experts, let’s take a look at how the Japanese are caring for their skin.

  1. Cleansing is a must! They often triple cleanse, as opposed to the Korean skincare routine of double cleansing!
  2. Essence is relied on to hydrate the skin, helping with anti-aging & promoting glowing skin.
  3. You can’t NOT take your collagen powder, supplement, pill, whatever! Japanese men and women take collagen like its their job.
  4. Patting is key! In order to blend your skincare products best, the Japanese prefer to pat rather than rub. It also doesn’t mess with your lymphatic system.
  5. Sheet masks are routine & done on a daily basis.
  6. Facial massaging is key – get out your jade roller to reduce puffiness and help circulation.
  7. Preventing UV damage and sun spots is a huge priority in the Japanese skin-care regimen – think the brand Shisedo.
  8. Sunscreen is a CRAZY must!
  9. No man or woman should ever go to bed without a proper night cream.

We could go on and on! But you can get a glimpse of what they’re up to! But of course, it doesn’t stop there…. That’s where ostrich eggs come in! YASSS!

Adsorb, the Japanese brand launched in 2011 that is pioneering this technology and has become the number one professional skincare line in Japan, is now delivered stateside. Ostriches are the oldest surviving bird species since the dinosaur era (who knew!?) and are known to have super strong immune systems. Their natural antibodies (mainly found in egg yolks), along with peptides and hydrators, powerfully help fight pollutants and reverse the signs of aging.

And it’s all humane — morally approved for the strictest animal rights activists in the industry. On Adsorb’s ostrich farm, there are 300 free-roaming birds that are pampered – YASSSSS! This blog posts keeps getting better and better. They each produce around 100 eggs a year that are almost the size of a human head with a big old egg yolk. Each yolk supplies enough antibodies for 5,000 Adsorb products, and the whole process is completely safe and vegan-friendly.

The three-product line — sold exclusively online — includes:

AntiBody Cleansing Wash ($78)

AntiBody Moist Essence Serum ($140)

AntiBody Gel Cream ($130) 

images supplied by Adsorbs

So what do y’all think? Would you be into trying some ostrich eggs on those beautiful faces of yours!? Hey, we’re not above it!!

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