Ever since I was a child, I loved to make people feel and look beautiful.

Our Experience in the ‘Hydration Station’

Many of us know, because I’m so great at bitchin’ (though I’ve been improving), that I have super dry skin. It’s a curse and a blessing (not really sure the ‘blessing’ angle but it just fit so well into the sentence), but when we lived in Tucson not all that long ago, between the dust, dry air and lack of any water, my skin wasn’t having it. And I don’t think our landlord ever felt like putting in the water softener. So it was just havoc on the skin. Gross.

So now that we’ve been in Tampa for 2 weeks, my skin is starting to settle in.  There’s still heat, but now we’ve got humidity (my hair and skin look SOOOO much better) and soft water (and a super amazing shower) so I’m seeing a lot of improvements in my overall bod. In fact, my nose actually looked OILY the other day. I couldn’t remember,  literally couldn’t remember the last time that’s ever happened.  I was sooooo proud of my nose in that very moment. Only a moment, then I gathered myself and blotted!

But anyways, cause we all know I could go on and on… I need a mute button (and a blinker for when I’m zooming in the grocery aisles – I always thought that would be a good idea). Despite having seen improvements in my skin’s health,  I was intrigued the other day when I was taking an afternoon for myself. The new spa I’m now a member of offered a ‘full body hydration’ service. I thought ‘OMG, this is literally what I need in life’. That and world peace but one day at a time.  If your skin is dry like mine or if you’re just wanting to take extra care of the skin on your body (this service excludes the face), then read on.

What is Hydro-Derma Fusion?

Think prepare, prolong and protect when it comes to this machine.

This puppy uses radiant heat and steam to rejuvenate and transform the skin. For me,  it really was used to help my tanning spray STICK into the skin (or at least that was the goal set by the spray tanning gal, Becky!) So when doing this before your spray tan, you get a lot better results. However, it benefits anyone and everyone, regardless of your end goals. For me, spray tanning gunk never sticks to me. I have the WHITEST shins each and every time and have to ‘spot tan’…. It’s so weird.  Though now that I think about it, they aren’t white this time. – WHOAH! Little whiter,  but not insanely un-spray tanned looking.

Hydrofusion™ is a mix of innovative features. This extraordinary engineering breakthrough creates the harmonization of a two-part formula: a single blanket of radiant heat and steam. The system will bathe you in both of these features simultaneously to provide the appearance of clean, beautiful, radiant looking skin.
Radiant Heat & Steam
The feel of the skin is enhanced by topical dense steam with every Hydration Station™ experience. Radiant heat warms the inside of the Hydration Station while the steam provides topical moisture onto the skin. The result is the appearance of a vibrant, clean, moisturized and even looking skin.
Hydration Spa Capsule™ uses Colorbath™ digital lighting technology (LEDs). These strategically placed chromotherapy LEDs blanket the whole body in atmospheric colored light. The chromotherapy generates a rich variety of mood enhancing programs, leaving clients in a state of harmony and balance.
Vibratory Massage
The ergonomically designed bed features a patented vibratory system with adjustable rhythms. Vibration can be delicate or intense for relaxing or stimulating programs. Vibratory massage provides muscle relaxation, relief of minor aches and pains, and improves local blood circulation.’ – Hydro-Derma Fusion

What It’s Like

It slowly but surely got up to 117-118 degrees in there. And that temperature probably lasted about 10 minutes. I was in for a total of 20 minutes (in the nude!), though you can go as many as 30 minutes. I REALLY tried hard to keep my face away from any heat as my melasma doesn’t react well. The nice attendant at the spa moved the fan just to make sure my face stayed cool. I didn’t seem to have any issues.

It was warm, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Hell, that’s the temperature in Arizona in the summer, so I felt right at home. You just laid still and let the heat and steam penetrate your skin. I actually think I fell asleep at one point. There was Alexa playing in the background, yummy smells and fun glowing lights. It was super relaxing.

When I popped out of the pod, I had some ‘sweat’ but it was almost just the steam in the pod. I didn’t stink or anything or feel sticky from legit sweat. It was just a nice overall warmth and general dewiness that didn’t hang out for too long afterwards. Then off I went to the spray tanning booth.


  • Hydrates your body
  • Opens your pores
  • Relaxes you
  • Burns calories (I read that it can burn as many as 300 calories in 30 minutes!?)
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Decreases joint stiffness
  • Reduces and balances acid levels
  • Increases collagen
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Decreases toxins
  • Can reduce blood pressure
  • Increases blood flow
  • Kills off bacteria and fungi

#CheekyConfidential Toxic overload has been implicated in many health conditions, for example ADHD in children. The Hydration Spa Capsule promotes elimination of toxins and heavy metals out of the human body.

The Results

Drum roll please…

I DEFINITELY notice a difference in my skin today and for the first time in a hot minute, my damn elbows aren’t hard to the touch. WINNING!

  • Smooth, hydrated skin
  • Improved appearance of skin tone
  • Baby-soft feeling – I’d agree
  • A flawless, even tan – I’d agree

Though I can honestly say I didn’t think it would make much of a difference, I was super impressed. The damn cynic in me, but hey, that just ensures I’m never too eager right 😉 Lawd! Try it out Cheeky’s and report back. Or heck, maybe you’ve done it before and holler at the other Cheeky’s in the comments below to let them know what ya thought.

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