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Preserving Your Skincare Products

I dunno about you guys, but when it comes to the products in my bathroom and spice cabinet, I can’t really tell you how long it’s been there. Sure, there are those items like moisturizer and garlic powder that I use until it’s empty. But then there are those occasional products like certain face masks and nutmeg that I use sparingly. And for the ones I use sparingly, I literally may have a nutmeg bottle that’s from 2005, I don’t keep track of their expiration like a functioning adult should. If this sounds like you, though I imagine your cupboards are FAR more organized than mine because I get hit in the face half the time I open up a cabinet, then this is certainly a blog you can relate to! And if you’re so organized and throw out stuff on time, keep up the amazingness… I want to be you when I grow up!

Even if you’re organized to a T though, there are ways to preserve your products so they last their full shelf life. If ya think about it, our bathrooms present harsh environments for some of our skincare products. I mean, just think about the steam, heat, moisture, etc. And not only is it steamy, it’s actually full of delicious bacteria. It is said that bacteria can infiltrate your products (and skin) & whatever else hangs out in the bathroom. Ah, so what do we do!?

Below are our favorite ways to preserve your skincare products & better care for those serums, moisturizers and whatever else you’ve come to love. 

Serums and Oils

Think olive oil! You don’t store olive oil in the fridge right? Treat your serums and oils just like you would your precious EVOO. Oil-based products tend to separate when they’re too cold causing them to be seemingly useless. We suggest you opt for a room temperature environment, that’s out of direct sunlight and stored in a dry spot. Maybe near your nutmeg? 😉 But in all seriousness, consider storing it in your bedroom or somewhere with better, more consistent temperatures. In addition, make sure you CLOSE the lid as tightly as you can or too much oxygen (and that gross bacteria) can get in. This is my downfall with any object that has a lid. I’m very inconsistent on closing crap. Which doesn’t make for a fun experience for other people who you didn’t bring into the know & they’ve shaken the cheese clear across the room – my bad, Josh…. (husband & I did it like a month ago)


Moisturizers tend to perform best at room temperature. You can apply the exact same care instructions that you do your oils & serums to your moisturizers. Another thing to note too is that if you have a TUB of moisturizer, I would strongly suggest you get a little mini spatula for it. When I would use tubs of moisturizers that I would have to take off the lid to access, I would always think about how much crap I would let into that product. Even though my hands were ‘clean’ when I washed my face and applied moisturizer, I’m sure my hands had other skincare products on ’em that could shorten the lifespan of my moisturizer.

Face Masks

There are of course a variety of masks on the market. Whether it’s a butt mask (yup, those are real), lip mask, face mask, eye mask, etc. there are a couple general rules that apply.

  • Dry: For dry masks, I tend to keep them in the bedroom, away from the shower area. I find that they can dry up too quickly if sitting out on the sink.
  • Wet: If we’re talking sheet masks (gosh, even butt, lip, eyes, etc. any of your wet masks), the fridge is the best spot for them. Not only will a cool sheet mask feel like heaven on your skin, but the cold air actually preserves the ‘liquid’ in the mask itself.

Toners & Sprays

Water-based products like toners & even mists are good pretty much anywhere you store them, as long as the lid is on of course. However, you may enjoy toners more if you stick them in the fridge. Especially if you suffer from puffiness, rosacea, irritation, dry skin, etc. It can be super soothing on your skin.

Face Rollers

I loveeeee my jade face roller. If you have a more traditional roller like this, you may not have know that you can and should clean it regularly. Here are our best tips:

  • We don’t recommending storing your jade roller in too hot or too cold of temperatures. We’ve got ours on our nightstand. If you do like keeping your rollers cool (for their de-puffing amazingness), consider a mini fridge with a cooler temperature or don’t leave your jade roller in the refrigerator too long.
  • Clean it weekly. For those who suffer from acne, it’s recommended that you clean it after each use. We personally just use soap and lukewarm water. It does the trick.
  • As for ‘storing’ it, it’s important to keep dust, liquids and bacteria off your jade roller, when it’s not in use especially. So either keep it outside of the bathroom or get a nice little container for it to live in.

The Mini Fridge: For Better Skin


This guy does its absolute best in the fridge. And not just that, but exposure to air and light can convert retinols to an entirely different type of compound that’s useless to your skin. So tighten that puppy up! I literally just left the blog to tighten mine cause it wasn’t…… ‘Colleen, adult, please….’

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